When was Tonbridge flood barrier built?

When was Tonbridge flood barrier built?

The Leigh Barrier was built in 1982 to reduce the flood risk in Tonbridge by controlling the amount of water flowing through the town.

How does a flood storage area work?

Flood storage is the use an outlet structure which holds flood water and then returns it to a river at a controlled rate, once the flood peak has passed . These structures provide a spillway and are especially useful in extreme events when there is more water than the watercourse can hold.

When did Tonbridge last flood?

Tonbridge Flooding – December 24th / 25th 2013 – River Medway Burst It’s Banks.

Is Channel straightening expensive?

Channel Straightening: Removing meanders from a river to make the river straighter. Advantages: By removing meanders the velocity of the water through a settlement will increase. This will stop a backlog of water and should reduce the risk of flooding. Again it is expensive and may cause flooding problems downstream.

Is flood relief channel a soft engineer?

Flood relief channels – Building new artificial channels that are used when a river is close to maximum discharge. Soft engineering – Involves the use of the natural environment surrounding a river, using schemes that work with the river’s natural processes.

What caused the Tonbridge flood in 2013?

Flooding in Tonbridge, Kent, UK caused by the River Medway overflowing.

What are the disadvantages of soft engineering?


  • Can be less effective than hard engineering.
  • Takes time (e.g to allow trees to grow)
  • Comminities may already have build houses so flood plain zoning can’t be done.
  • Land may be valuable for building on rather than leaving for agriculture (Flood plain zoning)

What are the disadvantages of floodplain zoning?

Identify two disadvantages of floodplain zoning

  • restricts economic development as certain land uses are prohibited.
  • if land cannot be used for building the current housing shortage will continue.
  • through building elsewhere habitats may be lost.

What are the disadvantages of an embankment?


  • They deprive people of river access for fishing and boating.
  • They have a higher maintainance cost as they are prone to erosion.
  • If breached, water will stay on the embankments, destroying the animal habitats.