Is Outdoor Adventures a timeshare?

Is Outdoor Adventures a timeshare?

Outdoor Adventures’ campground and cabin rentals operate like timeshares, meaning customers must sign contracts to get involved with long-term rentals and memberships.

How much does a membership at outdoor adventures cost?

The Annual membership is $199 for the first year, and renews for only $99 in subsequent years.

Who owns outdoor adventures in Michigan?

Jason King, co-owner of Outdoor Adventures, talks about the new call center at the company’s downtown Bay City office located at 800 Washington Ave. The company is set to hire up to 30 new employees.

How much are cabins at outdoor adventures?

Our standard cabins, which sleep 7-10, have a nightly rate of $135, Sunday-Wednesday; $160, Thursday-Saturday; or $175, holidays. Call the office for weekly or monthly rates and availability.

What is an outdoor adventures Pioneer membership?

Outdoor Adventures 3 Generations Pioneer Membership This membership includes access to 9 resorts in Michigan that can be used all year long. Other than camping includes cabins, kayaking, swimming & so many activities for adults & kids! There is an annual membership fee of approximately $520 which is due August 1st.

What is AOR camping?

AOR is dedicated to providing members with exceptional outdoor vacation opportunities. We will do everything possible to make your camping membership a foundation for fun and relaxation. Electronic Resort Directory.

How do I sell my outdoor adventures membership?

Contact the manager of the campground to which you belong. Verify your membership, and notify the office that you intend to sell your membership. The management office might maintain a waiting list with individuals looking to buy, which can make your sale easier.

How do I get an outdoor adventures membership?

Signing up for an Outdoor Adventure Club membership is simple. Fill out our Membership Enrollment form below, select your membership type, and get ready to sign up for your next adventure at the discounted member rate! (Remember membership is not required to join our trips but it does have its benefits.)

How do I sell a campsite?

Anyone who spots an online ad or social media post made by someone trying to sell a campsite reservation is told to call the Alberta Parks contact centre at 1-877-537-2757.