Why did ijji shut down?

Why did ijji shut down?

biggest reason the game died because of hackers. Also, lack of advertisements, no real update to the game… ijji focused on making new premium items to sale instead of helping the game.

Is ijji dead?

On January 5, 2012, NHN Corporation sold 100% stake of ijji to Aeria Games who began to host ijji’s core games (GunZ, Soldier Front, and Alliance of Valiant Arms). As of July 22, 2012, all ijji services were taken down. As of January 29, 2016 Aeria Games has stopped supporting Soldier Front.

What is ijji?

About ijji.com. NHN USA’s ijji.com is a premier internet game destination, offering a full range of casual to serious multiplayer titles including action games GUNZ, Soldier Front, Gunbound Revolution and popular puzzle, card, board games including Royal Chess, Switcheroo and GoStop.

Who made Soldier Front?

Special Force/Developers

What happened to the game GunZ?

History. The closed beta for ijji GunZ ended on November 17, 2006. ijji GunZ subsequently went live on November 29, 2006. The game was managed on an international gaming portal by ijji games until management shifted to the Aeria Games gaming portal in March 2012.

Does Soldier Front still exist?

Soldier Front is currently being published by Aeria Games for North American users. The North American version of the game has been transferred over to Aeria Games due to the acquisition of ijji by Aeria Games. In January 2016, Aeria Games announced that Soldier Front would be shut down on January 29, 2016.

Is Soldier Front 2 coming back?

Soldier Front 2 is back but under a new name.

Is Gunz duel free?

GunZ 2: the Second Duel is a free-to-play 3D TPS and is the most fast-paced tough action shooter game.

How many GB is Soldier Front 2?

Soldier Front 2 System Requirements

Minimum Build It Recommended Build It
OS Windows XP 32-bit Windows Vista 32-bit
DirectX 9 9
HDD Space 5 GB 5 GB