Which NFL player killed his wife?

Which NFL player killed his wife?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It was a story that made national headlines more than 20 years ago. Former NFL player Rae Carruth hired a hitman to kill his girlfriend Cherica Adams and her unborn baby.

What ex NFL player died today?

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Former NFL player Keith McCants was found dead Thursday at his home in Florida after a suspected drug overdose, investigators said.

What happened to Tommy Harris wife?

The tragic death of Tommie Harris’ wife On February 12, 2012, Ashley died due to an unexplained brain aneurysm. It was tough for Tommie and his family to deal with it. Tommie decided that he would retire from football after the death of his wife in 2012. Ashley was 29 years old when she passed away.

What famous NFL player died?

National Football League

Name Age Team
Jovan Belcher 25 Kansas City Chiefs
Leon Bender 22 Oakland Raiders
Jerome Brown 27 Philadelphia Eagles
Jerry Brown 25 Dallas Cowboys

What NFL player murdered?

Former NFL player Phillip Adams was named the suspect in the shooting. Adams killed himself on Thursday morning.

Who died on the 49ers?

linebacker Parys Haralson
— Former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Parys Haralson died Monday, the team announced. He was 37. Haralson played for the Niners from 2006 to 2012. “The 49ers are heartbroken and shocked by the news of Parys’ tragic passing,” the team said in a statement.

What NFL player died in a car crash recently?

Tarvaris Jackson, Former NFL Quarterback, Dies at 36 in Car Accident.

How old is Tommie Harris?

38 years (April 29, 1983)
Tommie Harris/Age

Who was Tommie Harris wife?

Ashley Harrism. 2012–2012
Tommie Harris/Wife

Who was the NFL player that killed his wife?

Former NFL player Phillip Adams died by apparent suicide in South Carolina after he shot and killed five people Wednesday, including a prominent doctor, his wife and their two

Who was the NFL player that killed himself?

Adams, 32, was found dead from a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound in a nearby home on the same street as the victims after a standoff with authorities in York County, officials said Thursday. He played as a defensive back for multiple NFL teams, including the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons.

Who was the NFL player killed in South Carolina?

A prominent emergency room doctor, his wife, and their two grandchildren were among five people killed in a York County, South Carolina, shooting Wednesday afternoon, the York County Sheriff’s Office confirmed early Thursday. Former NFL player Phillip Adams has been identified as the suspect in the shooting.