What can I do with my own XAT group?

What can I do with my own XAT group?

Your own xat group could be for particular subject (e.g. music, anime, video games), for the visitors to your site or just for you and your friends. You can use it on xat or embed it on your site. Groups are fully customizable and can be members only if you want to restrict it to your friends.

How can I make my own XAT game?

Register an account. Find a xat group that shares your interests. Make your own xat group. Get and trade Powers. Play a multiplayer game. Design your own animated avatar character. Send stickers with custom text.

Can you buy special powers for the XAT box?

You can use your xats and days to buy special powers for the xat box. These include sets of custom smilies, special effects and abilities and group powers which add extra features to your xat group. Learn more about all the available powers on the xat wiki.

Why is trading XAT, powers and days blocked?

Chat, Hangout and Relax! this is a general hangout chat. no drama or spam is allowed. Trading xats, powers and days. has been blocked due to your privacy preferences. Opening this tab is the same as visiting a third party website. You can ‘allow this time’ or change your ‘group tabs’ privacy preferences below.

Which is the date of XAT in 2021?

About XAT 2021 XAT 2021 will be conducted on Sunday, January 3, 2021. XLRI conducts XAT on behalf of XAMI. For more than 70 years XLRI is conducting XAT at all India level to select the most appropriate students for management education.

What do you have to do to get promoted on XAT?

Chats on promotion must NOT sell ranks e.g. sell moderator. Chats must NOT be based on religious or political views. At least one owner or moderator must be visible at all times. The chat must be in the correct language. Other chats can be promoted at the same time as yours. Promotion costs may vary, press ‘get cost’ to find out.

What do the tags mean on XAT chat?

Tags are keywords that help describe your group so that others are able to find it. For example, a racing group may include the following tags: race,nascar,car. If your group is set to a language other than English, it’s recommended to include your language, e.g. Francais or Espanol.

How tall do you need to be in Xat chat?

Use width 600-2000. Size not recommended. Use height 465-2000. Enable/disable xatframe on all groups. Enable/disable xatframe for the current group.