What is a non stock item?

What is a non stock item?

Use this item category if you want to enter a material that is not kept in stock before use, and that is only procured for a specific planned order or production order. Example. The material is only rarely required for a custom-made product and is used directly in the product as a purchased part.

What is Maximo inventory?

Maximo is a web based platform that presents information in a consistent manner. While Maximo provides many modules and applications, navigation within and between applications is efficient and intuitive. Maximo helps inventory managers by providing optimized planning, control, audit, and compliance capabilities.

What are the standard stock category types that can be defined in Maximo?

There are three stock category types: non-stocked (NS) items, special order (SP) items, and stocked (STK) items. Using stock category types helps you identify items for reorder and minimizes administration work when ordering occasionally used items.

What is an item in Maximo?

The definition Maximo provides you for rotating items will be : A rotating item is a serialized asset, such as a pump or a notebook, that you define with a common item number. You designate an item as rotating because it shares properties of both items and assets. This is how you see this association in Maximo.

What are examples of non-inventory items?

Examples of non-inventory items include:

  • items purchased for a specific job and then quickly sold or invoiced to a customer.
  • items that your organisation sells but does not purchase, including Bill of Material (BOM) items.
  • items that your organisation purchases but does not resell, including office supplies.

How do I return an item in Maximo?

To return an item you create a new Inventory Usage record with a Usage Type of ISSUE with the From Storeroom the storeroom where you will return the item. On the lines rather than using the New Row button you use the Select Items For Return button and then filter or sort the records to find the item you want to return.

What is stocked item?

Stocked Item means a good purchased that creates inventory and requires current inventory levels be maintained and available in the computer system for viewing, and requires movements in and out of warehouses and between locations be tracked, and are generally high value, low usage tangible items with long lead times.

How do I change the stock category in Maximo?

Stock Category Functionality Has Changed

  1. The item is created in the Item Master application and saved.
  2. Open the Item/Organization details option.
  3. Use the select value option, change the Stock Category to NS and press OK. The item is now available to be used on a PO manually as needed.

How do I get items in Maximo?

Receiving Rotating Items in Maximo

  1. Go to the Receiving application and query for your purchase order.
  2. Click on “select Ordered Items” and click OK.
  3. Check the box next to the line for your rotating items.
  4. Save the record.

What is Maximo item master?

Item master is for managing new items and items not associated in storerooms while Inventory app is for managing the items that are IN A SPECIFIC storeroom location, one item in Item Master can belong to MANY storeroom locations in Inventory app.

What do special order items do in Maximo?

Special Order items are items that Maximo creates. They are for one-off requests created on a desktop requisition, work order, purchase requisition or purchase order which may have an inventory record (they often do not), but the intention is to only hold the stock for a short period, perhaps in relation to a project which is being performed.

What does inventory usage do in Maximo 7.5?

Issues and Transfers Usage application Issues and Transfers application allows to issue, transfer, and return inventory items from/to storerooms It has been replaced by ‘Inventory Usage’ application in Maximo 7.5 11 © 2014 IBM Corporation 12.

What does it mean to have non stock items?

Non-stock items means the value of the material will be captured under cost centres because the value and stock of the material will not be booked under inventory. need to carry physical stock of the items.

How does the storeroom application work in Maximo?

Storerooms application Storerooms application allows to add and maintain information about storeroom locations You can • associate the general ledger accounts with each storeroom • define the lead time calculation for items in a storeroom • flag the storeroom to function as an internal supplier to other storerooms 9 © 2014 IBM Corporation 10.