How long is a TH350 long shaft?

How long is a TH350 long shaft?

9″ tail — 30-11/16″ overall length. 12″ tail — 33-27/32″ overall length.

Are all Turbo 350 transmissions the same?

Externally, all the TH350 transmissions look the same; however, internally there are some differences. Depending on the engine size of the car the transmission was removed from, it can have anywhere from 10 to 18 friction discs and 10 to 18 steel clutch plates inside.

How long is a short tail 350 transmission?

Chapter 2: Transmissions: Transmission Lengths

Transmission Case to ext. Housing Overall Length
THM 250 21 5/8″ 27 5/8″
THM 350, 350C (short tail) 21 5/8″ 27 5/8″
THM 350 (long tail) 21 5/8″ 30 5/8″
THM 400 (short tail) 24 3/8″ 28 1/4″

What is the length of a 350 Turbo transmission?

The TH350’s case length is 21 5/8 inches. Depending on the tail shaft housing, its overall length can either be 27 5/8 or 30 5/8 inches. The 700R4’s case length is 23 3/8 inches and its overall length is 30 3/8 inches. The TH350 weighs 120 lbs., while the 700R4 weighs 155 lbs.

Is a th350 stronger than a 700r4?

According to the big trans guys they are actually stronger than the 700; smaller, lighter, and a better 1st gear ratio. I have had a mildly built 200-4R behind a 462 in a 4000# car for over 10 years with no issues.

Are TH350 and TH400 same length?

The TH350 with a 12″ tail is the same length as the TH400 with a 9″ tail. Even then, the crossmember mount is a different distance from the back of the block.

Does a 350 Turbo transmission have overdrive?

A TH350 is a three speed trans with NO overdrive. The reason you don’t like running down the freeway at high rpms is the same reason why many people switch these trannies out for a 700R4 or a 2004R overdrive trans.