Who is the chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee?

Who is the chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee?

The JPC, which was let up in December, 2019, is headed by BJP Member of Parliament (MP) Meenakshi Lekhi.

What is a parliamentary joint committee?

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights (PJCHR) is established by the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011. The committee’s main function is to examine all bills and legislative instruments for compatibility with human rights, and to report to both Houses of Parliament on its findings.

Which Parliamentary Committee is the largest committee?

The Estimates Committee
‘ Complete answer: The Estimates Committee was initially established during the British Era in the 1920s, but the first Estimates Committee of Independent India was set up in 1950. It is the largest committee of Parliament of India.

How many members of parliamentary committee are there in Pakistan?

Parliament of Pakistan

Parliament of Pakistan مجلس شوریٰ پاکستان Mājlis-e-Shūrā Pākistān
Leader of Opposition (Senate) Yousuf Raza Gillani PPP since 26 March 2021
Leader of Opposition (National Assembly) Shehbaz Sharif PML–N since 20 August 2018
Seats 442 Parliamentarians 100 Senators 342 MNAs

Who is the present chairman of the Rajyasabha?

Rajya Sabha
Chairman (Vice President of India) Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu since 11 August 2017
Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh, JD(U) since 14 September 2020
Secretary General Dr. Parasaram Pattabhi Kesava Ramacharyulu, IAS since 1 September 2021

What is considered a joint committee?

A joint committee is a committee made up of members of the two chambers of a bicameral legislature. In other contexts, it refers to a committee with members from more than one organization.

What do committees do in parliament?

Committees consider policy issues, scrutinise government work, expenditure, and examine proposals for primary and secondary legislation.

Who is the chairman of Estimate committee?

Currently the committee is headed by Girish Bapat from the Bharatiya Janata Party….Estimates Committee.

Financial Standing Committee
Country India
Chairperson Girish Bapat
Chairperson party Bharatiya Janata Party

Who is current chairman of National Assembly?

List of speakers of the National Assembly

Order Speaker Time duration
19 Ayaz Sadiq 3 June 2013 – 22 August 2015
Murtaza Javed Abbasi (Acting) 24 August 2015 – 9 November 2015
20 Ayaz Sadiq 9 November 2015 – 15 August 2018
21 Asad Qaiser 15 August 2018 – present

Who is current Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

List of Deputy Speakers

No. Name Term
14 Kariya Munda 18 May 2014
(8) M. Thambidurai 25 May 2019
Vacant Incumbent

How is a joint Parliamentary Committee ( JPC ) set up?

A Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is set up to examine a particular bill presented before the Parliament, or for the purpose of investigating cases of financial irregularities in any government activity. The JPC is an ad-hoc body. It is set up for a given period of time and is aimed at addressing a specific issue.

How is a joint House of Commons committee formed?

Joint Parliamentary Committee is formed when motion is adopted by one house and it is supported or agreed by the other house. Another way to form a Joint Parliamentary committee is that two presiding chiefs of both houses can write to each other, communicate with each other and form the joint parliamentary committee.

Who are members of Joint Standing Committee on National Broadband Network?

On 22 July 2019, pursuant to the agreement of the House of Representatives and the Senate, a Joint Standing Committee was established to inquire into and report on the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). The committee is composed of nine Members and eight Senators.

Who is the chairman of third joint parliamentary committee?

The third JPC was formed in April 2001. It was assigned to probe the Ketan Parekh share market scam. Then parliamentary affairs minister Pramod Mahajan piloted a motion in the Lok Sabha on April 26, 2001, to put it in place. Senior BJP member Lt Gen Prakash Mani Tripathi (retd) was named the chairman.