Who did Jason Statham model for?

Who did Jason Statham model for?

French Connection
2. Jason Statham dabbled in modeling. With his diving career over, Statham entered the world of modeling for the fashion company French Connection.

Does Jason Statham have a yacht?

Jason Statham Does Breathtaking Dive on Luxury Yacht with Orlando Bloom. The yacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too has been renamed Mustang Sally, and was once owned by none other film producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein and is worth around $18million!

How do I dress like Jason Statham?

Statham favours dark colours such as black, navy, and grey, often with an open shirt instead of a tie and a peak lapel. His number one choice of brand is Giorgio Armani, with Statham reported to have worn a $4,000 suit, shirt and tie combination from Armani during filming of The Transporter.

What kind of sweaters does Jason Statham wear?

John Varvatos and Denim and Supply (the Ralph Lauren offshoot) are go-to designers for the Statham. The Statham owns stacks of James Perse T-shirts. If it’s chilly, then V-necked sweaters will be worn—à la Simon Cowell, but minus the moobs—over rock-hard chests. U.S. Navy aviators are the Statham’s one adornment.

What is the boat in Mechanic 2?

expedition yacht SuRi
Superyacht SuRi Stars in New Movie ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ The 63m/208ft expedition yacht SuRi from Halter Marine is the latest charter yacht to star in a Hollywood movie and cinema-goers will be able to catch her on the big screen when ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ is released on August 26th.

What yacht was used in mechanic resurrection?

Come 2016, the expedition yacht SuRi will have a role on the big screen. The 208-foot (63.4-meter) SuRi is currently being filmed in Thailand as part of the action movie Mechanic: Resurrection, starring Jason Statham.

What shoes does Jason Statham wear?

According to CEO George Glasgow, the actor insisted his character, Deckard Shaw, wear the shoes throughout the movie, which is set to release in 2019. Among the George Cleverley styles selected by Statham is the Ronald, a classic lace-up evening shoe that works with jeans or a tuxedo.

What kind of shoes does Jason Statham wear?

English actor Jason Statham, at work on the upcoming film “Hobbs and Shaw,” a spin-off of the popular “Fast and Furious” action films, got into character by slipping into a pair of shoes by U.K.-based men’s footwear brand George Cleverly.

What clothes does Ryan Reynolds wear?

Ryan Reynolds’ style is the epitome of classic, with three-piece suits, cardigans, chinos, dress shirts, and plain fitted t-shirts in heavy rotation. He likes to be comfortable, however, you won’t catch him out in sweats.