What is the purpose of the Gall-Peters projection?

What is the purpose of the Gall-Peters projection?

The Gall-Peters map shows the correct sizes of countries, but it also distorts them. Countries are stretched horizontally near the poles and vertically near the Equator, so although the size may be right, the shape definitely isn’t.

What does Peters projection mean?

noun. a form of modified world map projection that attempts to reflect accurately the relative surface areas of landmasses, an approach which gives greater prominence (than do standard representations) to equatorial countriesCompare Mercator projection.

What is wrong with Gall-Peters projection?

Despite these benefits, the Gall-Peters projection has its flaws. It doesn’t enlarge areas as much as the Mercator projection, but certain places appear stretched, horizontally near the poles and vertically near the Equator.

What does the Peters projection show accurately?

Because the Peters projection accurately shows different countries’ relative sizes. Although it distorts countries’ shapes, this way of drawing a world map avoids exaggerating the size of developed nations in Europe and North America and reducing the size of less developed countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Who uses Gall-Peters Projection?

The Gall-Peters projection is widely used in British schools and promoted by the UNESCO. Although politically more correct, it is not without flaws: it distorts the shapes of the continents as a result of two dimensional visualisation of three dimensional landmasses. All maps lie to some extent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gall-Peters Projection?

Advantages: On Peters’s projection, […], areas of equal size on the globe are also equally sized on the map. Disadvantages: Peters’s chosen projection suffers extreme distortion in the polar regions, as any cylindrical projection must, and its distortion along the equator is considerable.

Who uses Gall Peters Projection?

What are pros and cons of the gall-Peters Projection?

Who uses Peters projection?