What are some baseball trivia questions?

What are some baseball trivia questions?

1) Against what opposing team did Babe Ruth hit his first career home run?

  • 2) Who was the first Major League player to pitch a ball over 100 mph?
  • 3) What Baltimore Orioles manager was ejected from a record 91 games?
  • 4) Who was the first Major League player to have his number retired?
  • 5) What player was nicknamed “Mr.
  • What National League slugger was known as Stretch and Big Mac?

    Willie Lee McCovey (born January 10, 1938 – October 31, 2018), nicknamed “Big Mac” and “Stretch”, was an American slugger and first baseman who played Major League Baseball for the San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics between 1959 and 1980. He batted and threw left handed.

    What are good sports trivia questions?

    General Sports Trivia

    • Question: What’s the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches?
    • Question: The Olympics are held every how many years?
    • Question: What sport is best known as the ‘king of sports’?
    • Question: What do you call it when a bowler makes three strikes in a row?
    • Question: What’s the national sport of Canada?

    What was the first baseball team?

    the Cincinnati Red Stockings
    In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became America’s first professional baseball club.

    What is Big Mac Land?

    During any game, if a Cardinal player hits a home run into Big Mac Land, built in the left-field stands (section 272) as a tribute to Mark McGwire, everyone at the game is entitled to redeem their ticket for a free Big Mac at all participating restaurants in the fast-food chain.

    Which is the best way to learn baseball trivia?

    So for this, we have created a list of “baseball trivia questions and answers.” Trivia quiz game is the best way to learn more about baseball and its incredible moments, so read the complete article to know more about the “baseball trivia questions.” 11. Which player holds the record of maximum hits in a season?

    Are there any good baseball trivia questions for Nerds?

    Archer is our resident nerd, geek, and dork… and yes, he is DEFINITELY proud of it. He loves any type of game (virtual New? Start here. If you are a fan of sports trivia questions, these baseball trivia should be right up your alley! They make for excellent ice breaker questions, quiz night prompts, road trip games, and more.

    Who was the first baseball player to strike out three times?

    A player who strikes out three times in a game is said to earn the “golden sombrero.” 2. Baseball was the first professional sport in the U.S. 3. Ty Cobb had the highest batting average of any player in a single season. 4. Only two MLB players have ever won the Triple Crown honor twice.

    What’s the most popular food served at ballparks?

    Hot dogs are the most popular food served at ballparks in the U.S. 10. In professional baseball, players have always worn a uniform to match their teammates. 1.