Is MBA from IIPM valid?

Is MBA from IIPM valid?

According to the UGC rules, any student who has completed an MBA programme successfully is eligible for a degree. As a matter of fact, the UGC released a notice on its official website in May this year announcing that the MBA offered by IIPM isn’t valid.

How do I verify my IIPM degree?

Kindly send us an email at [email protected] & [email protected] (with a cc to [email protected]) mentioning the following details : Student’s name, batch, campus of study. Testimonial copies for which verification is being requested. Your email address (where a copy of the verification confirmation will be sent).

Why did IIPM closed?

IIPM was barred by the UGC from offering among other degrees, MBA or BBA programs after irregularities surfaced on its claims and functioning. IIPM then closed all its branches save for a research and training institute in Delhi.

Is IIPM Recognised?

The statement also said IIPM is neither entitled to award any Undergraduate or Post Graduate degrees, including BBA, MBA and BCA, nor it is recognised by UGC. “It is further clarified that IIPM is neither entitled to award any UG or PG degree, including BBA/MBA/BCA nor it is recognized by UGC,” it said.

Is Iipm a fake institute?

UGC and AICTE listed IIPM as a “fake university” and said it was not permitted to confer MBA and BBA degrees or authorised to operate as a university in India. UGC agreed to remove IIPM’s name from its list of fake universities and IIPM agreed to clarify that it offers only “certificate courses”.

Is IMI Belgium Recognised university?

The MBA/BBA degree given by IMI, Belgium is not recognised and hence not legitimate even in its country of origin, Belgium. Students in Belgium using the title ‘Master’ or ‘Bachelor’ can even be prosecuted, if it is based on a degree given by IMI.

What is full form of IIPM?

The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) was an unaccredited institute headquartered in New Delhi, which previously had 18 branches across India.