What is meant by biotope?

What is meant by biotope?

Biotope is a synthetic Greek work combining “bios” (meaning life) and “topos” (meaning place). The German scientist Friedrich Dahl introduced the term biotope in 1908 as the habitat in which a particular group of animal and plant species live.

What is a biotope aquarium?

A biotope tank is simply a tank designed to mimic a particular natural environment – this includes every detail from the water parameters to the species of fish and even the decorations used in the tank. Cultivating a biotope tank can be very challenging but it is also incredibly rewarding if you are able to succeed.

What is biotope Biocenosis?

Biocenosis refers to the flora and fauna and the biotope refers to the geological environment. That is, the biotope indicates the climate, the water and the type of soil that makes up an ecosystem in which we find life. It is summarized in that the biotope refers to everything that does not have life.

What is biotope factor?

The Biotope Area Factor (BAF) is a tool used to measure the absorbent properties of a surface. To calculate this indicator, one need to only determine the relationship between the ecologically effective surface area and the total surface area of a lot.

Are tannins good for fish?

Most tropical fish originate in bodies of water that are neutral to slightly acidic. Tannins in the water help to recreate their natural water source, which is where they have spent thousands of years thriving. So putting tannins in the aquarium is great for them.

What is a blackwater aquarium?

A blackwater aquarium is similar to a planted aquarium. The main task is maintaining a habitat for the plants along with a controlled decomposition of leaf litter. Acid-loving freshwater fish are added to provide color, movement and interest to the biotope.

What is the difference between Biocoenosis and biotope?

What is a biotope used for?

Thus, the concept of biotope appears instrumental in the investigation of theoretical issues such as the ecological niche, the functional relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem processes such as production and the applied problems of nature conservation (e.g., designing nature reserve systems or networks).

Can I put pinecones in my aquarium?

These decorative, tiny pine cones add some natural beauty to your aquarium while they release tannins and humic acids providing anti fungal and anti bacterial agents into the water, helping to lower the ph.