Can I disable NMBD?

Can I disable NMBD?

nmbd is the automatic discovery component of samba. Disabling it will cut down on the traffic. In Debian at least, you could use the option ‘disable netbios = yes’ in your smb. conf file.

How do I stop samba?

You can also start and stop Samba by using the Service Configuration tool, shown in the following figure.. Scroll down the list of services until you find the SMB service. You can use the three buttons on the toolbar at the top of the window to start, stop, or restart a service.

How do I start NMBD?


  1. Click the STATUS icon at the top of the SWAT interface home page.
  2. Click Start smbd. The page refreshes and should display the smbd status as running .
  3. Click Start nmbd. The page refreshes and should display the nmbd status as running .

What is Smbcontrol?

smbcontrol is a very small program, which sends messages to a smbd(8), a nmbd(8), or a winbindd(8) daemon running on the system.

How do I block NetBIOS traffic?

To disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, follow these steps:

  1. Got to Start | Control Panel, and double-click the System applet.
  2. On the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button.
  3. Select Show Hidden Devices from the View menu.
  4. Expand Non-Plug And Play Drivers.
  5. Right-click NetBios Over Tcpip, and select Disable.

How do I restart Samba services?

4 Answers. sudo /etc/init. d/samba restart should be all you need to do.

How do I automatically start Samba?

By default, the smb service does not start automatically at boot time. To configure Samba to start at boot time, use an initscript utility, such as /sbin/chkconfig, /usr/sbin/ntsysv, or the Services Configuration Tool program.

How do I start a winbind service?

Winbind unifies UNIX and Windows NT account management by allowing a UNIX box to become a full member of a NT domain….Configuration

  1. Configure /etc/nsswitch.
  2. Update PAM configuration file.
  3. Join in the Domain.
  4. Modify /etc/samba/smb.conf.
  5. Start winbind service.