Are oversize racquets good?

Are oversize racquets good?

Most oversize racquets give plenty of power and spin but lack in stability and control from the baseline. The slightly thicker beam works in the players favor to provide plenty of power but the beam isn’t overly thick allowing for good flexibility and control.

How do tennis rackets compare?

When choosing a racket, there are three elements which affect power and control: headsize, weight, and string pattern.

  • Larger Headsize = More Power; Smaller Headsize = More Control.
  • Lighter Racket = More Power; Heavier Racket = More Control.
  • Open Stringbed = More Power; Denser Stringbed = More Control.

What racquets are similar to Wilson blade?

Here are some of the top control racquets on the market right now.

  • Wilson Blade 98 v7 18×20.
  • Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD.
  • Babolat Pure Strike 3rd Gen 18×20.
  • HEAD Graphene 360+ Prestige MP.
  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.
  • Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20.
  • Tecnifibre TF40 305.

Are oversize rackets legal?

The only restrictions on the racquet are its size. It must be no longer than 29 inches (73.66cms) including the handle, or 12.5 inches (31.75cms) in width. A mid-size racquet has a hitting area of about 85-95 inches. Beginners are sometimes encouraged to buy oversized racquets – up to 105 square inches of strings.

Do any tennis pros use oversize racquets?

Legend. Again, 100 is not oversize. Most of the pros are between 95 and 100.

What tennis racquet has the biggest sweet spot?

racquet head
At 137 square inches, the racquet head is the largest on the market, making the sweet-spot size a tennis player’s dream. Despite its lighter weight (10.4 oz. strung), this frame is relatively stable even on mishits….Gamma RZR Bubba 137 Tennis Racquet.

Head Size: 137 sq. in OS
Swing Weight: 412