How do I make an appointment with StarHub?

How do I make an appointment with StarHub?

STEP 1: Once you log in on My StarHub App, select the “Support” button at the bottom of the app’s homepage. STEP 2: Scroll to Appointments and tap Reschedule….Manage your StarHub Appointments via My StarHub App

  1. TV/Broadband installation.
  2. Mobile delivery.
  3. Shop appointment.

Where to replace StarHub sim card?

All SIM card replacement requests should be directed to main StarHub shops in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point, and Tampines Mall.

Does vivo have StarHub?

StarHub Stores | 1 Harbour Front Walk #02-202, Singapore.

Is StarHub Hotline 24 hours?

How do I contact StarHub Customer Service? StarHub Prepaid Customer Service can be reached at 9850 0000 (Operating 24 hours).

How do I activate StarHub?

How to activate your StarHub SIM Card via My Account?

  1. STEP 1: Log-in to My Account using your Hub iD.
  2. STEP 2: Click on “More Activities.”
  3. STEP 3: Click on “Activate SIM”
  4. STEP 4: Follow the screens to activate your SIM card.

How much does it cost to replace a StarHub SIM card?

Prepaid SIM Replacement Is it chargeable? Yes, you can replace your faulty Prepaid SIM card at the following StarHub Shops. A replacement fee of $26.75 applies.

How do I get a replacement SIM card?

Airtel Duplicate Sim | Lost Sim | Replace Sim

  1. Visit Airtel store. And ask for duplicate sim.
  2. Fill the duplicate SIM card form.
  3. Provide your address proof.
  4. Provide two photos.
  5. SIM replacement charges.

Is StarHub postpaid customer care 24 hours?

How do I check my StarHub early termination fee?

To view your final bill, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My StarHub App.
  2. Go to Bills > Select Account to access your last bill, up to 6 months from your date of termination.