Do the Inspector Ian Rutledge books need to be read in order?

Do the Inspector Ian Rutledge books need to be read in order?

Many fans of our book series aspire to read every murder case Inspector Ian Rutledge pursued–in their proper chronological order. That said, the very first in the series, A Test of Wills (Book #1), published in 1994, is where you should begin.

What is the first Charles Todd Book?

It is worthy to note, that the pair of Caroline and Charles Todd became authors by chance. They wrote the first manuscript in 1994 expecting to get just a mere critique from the editor, but to their amazement, the editor was thoroughly impressed and their first novel, A Test of Wills was published.

Will there be another Bess Crawford book?

Bess Crawford will be appearing in a special novella A Hanging at Dawn (e-book) this Fall 2020 and in An Irish Hostage (hardback) in the fall of 2021!

Does Inspector Ian Rutledge get married?

He hasn’t gotten married, of course, but until he feels he can control his nightmares, he’s not likely to risk frightening someone he loves. He’s an intriguing character to write. Q: What similarities do you see between Rutledge’s shell shock and the impact war has on soldiers a century later?

How old is Caroline Todd?

Caroline Todd, part of local mother-son writing duo, dies at 86. Mother-and-son writing duo Charles and Caroline Todd authored more than 30 mystery novels together.

Does Ian marry Rutledge?

Is there a new Charles Todd Book?

Inspector Ian Rutledge, the beloved hero of Charles Todd’s New York Times bestselling series will return to bookstores on February 16, 2021, in A Fatal Lie. Rutledge, who first appeared in the 1996 novel A Test of Wills, has become a yearly staple on the New York Times bestsellers list.

How many Ian Rutledge books are there?

Inspector Ian Rutledge is a fictional character in the Inspector Ian Rutledge Series of mystery/detective novels by Caroline and Charles Todd. To date the series comprises nineteen novels and four short stories.

Who writes as Charles Todd?

Charles Todd is a pen name used by the American authors Caroline and Charles Todd. This mother-and-son writing team lives in the eastern United States, in North Carolina and Delaware, respectively. The pseudonymous mystery authors are best known for a series of novels, set in post World War I England.