What does Cherry MX red mean?

What does Cherry MX red mean?

CHERRY MX Red and CHERRY MX Red RGB switches are linear-style switches; their travel path doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. The smoother movement makes these switches quieter than tactile and click switches.

Is Cherry MX Red bad for typing?

Cherry MX Reds are some of the most widespread switches out there, and for good reason. These linear switches require 45 grams of force to actuate. The light touch makes them a good choice for both gaming and typing. Browns are tactile switches that require 45 g of force to activate.

Are Cherry Red switches bad?

While Cherry MX Browns may not feel as strong, snappy, or tactile as a Holy Panda, T1, or Blueberry, they are certainly not a bad switch if Cherry Reds are too light. Maybe you just prefer a lighter, more subtle tactile bump, and just want a switch to help your accuracy.

Which is better Cherry MX red or brown?

When comparing the sound between each switch, there is no true winner here because it mainly comes down to preference. Cherry MX Reds are more quiet while Cherry MX Browns are slightly louder. The tactile bump on the Cherry MX Browns make the switch produce more vibration and therefore more noise.

Is cherry red good for gaming?

Cherry MX Red. Recommended for: Gamers looking for fast action with minimal resistance. There isn’t a tactile bump in the middle to overcome. But for this exact reason, the Cherry MX Red may not be ideal for typists as it lacks that tactile feedback.

Is Cherry MX Red the best?

Why are Cherry MX Blue Bad?

There are two truths to the Cherry MX Blues: they are way more tactile than the Cherry MX Browns (which are actually marketed as tactile but somehow feel just like scratchy linears, which is the reason for a lot of hate they are getting) the “click” is a bit “rattling” and not as crisp as other clicky switches.

Do you have to bottom out Cherry MX Red?

Cherry MX Red Cherry MX Reds are a linear actuating switch with a relatively light spring force. They have a 45g actuation force with a 75g bottom out force. The total travel distance on the MX Reds is 4mm with an actuation distance of 2mm which is standard for Cherry MX.

Why is Cherry MX red so popular?

CHERRY MX RED: LINEAR AND POPULAR WITH GAMERS Particularly in the gaming scene, CHERRY MX Red is very popular because it has a linear switch characteristic and can be triggered quite fast and with minimal actuation force: only 45 centinewton (or grams) are needed, and after two millimeters the switch actuates.

Can you use Cherry MX Reds for typing?

MX Reds are pretty light switches to actuate. If you rest your fingers on the keyboard a lot, it’s possible that you could inadvertently press a key. With that said, it’s perfectly fine to use for typing. I had a Poker 2 with MX Reds once.

What kind of switch is Cherry MX red?

CHERRY MX Red and CHERRY MX Red RGB switches are linear-style switches; their travel path doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. These switches don’t have to reset past that bump to register a repeat press, so gamers who need to rapidly double-tap or triple-tap keys will enjoy the edge in speed.

What’s the difference between Cherry MX red and brown keys?

The one of the basic differences between both the keyswitches is the color, Cherry MX red is Red in color and Cherry MX brown is brown. The color difference is in the kwyswitches and you cannot see it in your keyboard unless you take out the keybinds.

Which is better Cherry MX or Cherry MX blue?

CHERRY MX Blue. CHERRY MX Blue and CHERRY MX Blue RGB switches are click-style switches that provide much more substantial audible and tactile feedback with each keypress. Click-style keyswitches tend to have higher reset positions and require greater actuation force, so they may perform a bit slower in rapid-tap situations.