Is KEO beer Greek?

Is KEO beer Greek?

KEO plc, the Greek abbreviation for Cyprus Wine Company (Greek: Κυπριακή Εταιρία Οίνων), is a European beverage company based on the island of Cyprus. It was formed in 1927 and it represents one of the largest industrial employers on the island with more than 90 brands in its portfolio.

How strong is KEO lager?

Product Details

Size 24x 330ml
Strength (ABV) 4.5%
Brand Keo
Presentation GLASS BOTTLE
Country Cyprus

Is KEO a good beer?

Keo beer is an exceptional lager-type beer, brewed from the finest malt and the choicest hops, long matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurised, to retain its natural flavour, aroma and freshness. Keo beer was awarded a Gold Medal by the Brewing Industry International Awards.

Is KEO beer Greek or Turkish?

330ml cans on a supermarket display. KEO is a Cypriot beer. It is a light straw-colored lager with a thick head, and is sometimes compared to a pilsner in taste. The beer is brewed in Limassol, in Cyprus.

What beer do they drink in Cyprus?

Efes is the most popular beer in Turkey and in Northern Cyprus. In the south, the most popular beer is Carlsburg, which is brewed under licence by Keo. The most popular Cypriot beer is Keo, Leon Beer is enjoying something of a resurgence, but is still relatively tiny in terms of market share.

What beer is in Greece?

From Athens to Peloponnese, Crete or Santorini, Greece prides itself in a whole range of lagers, ales and beers bursting with frothy flavours.

  • Zeos.
  • Nisos.
  • Santorini Crazy Donkey.
  • Voreia.
  • Eza.
  • Septem.
  • Vergina.
  • Mary Rose Premium Red Ale.

Is Keo beer?

Keo is an exceptional quality lager beer. Traditionally brewed and matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurized, to retain its flavour, aroma and freshness.

Does Tesco sell KEO beer?

Keo Beer 630ml – Tesco Groceries.

What does Keo mean?


Acronym Definition
KEO Kirpal Export Overseas
KEO Kurdish Encyclopaedia Online
KEO Kellogg Entrepreneur Organization (Kellogg School of Management)
KEO Key Equity Options (KeyBank)

What is the local drink in Cyprus?

The unofficial national cocktail of Cyprus, the Brandy Sour was invented in the Forest Park Hotel in Platres back in the 1930s. It was created for the young King Farouk of Egypt who would stay at the Forest Park Hotel on his many visits to Cyprus.

What are the local beers in Cyprus?


1 Hula Hops Cyprus Citrus IPA Hula Hops Brewing
2 Hula Hops Cyprus Summer Wit Hula Hops Brewing
3 Prime White Prime Microbrewery
4 Hop Thirsty Friends Humor IPA Hop Thirsty Friends

Which Greek beer is best?

Best Beers Of Greece

Name Score
1 Seven Island / Sknipa Bare Handed Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout R 4.08
2 Seven Island Hazelnut Moctezuma 3.96
3 Satyr Brews Menace IPA 3.95
4 Seven Island Moctezuma 3.90