Is Hamboards still in business?

Is Hamboards still in business?

In March, 2021, Abraham Paskowitz, son of surfing legend Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, joined Hamboards as Partner and Chief Experience Officer. As of June, 2021, the company is still in business and retails in 60 independent skate and surf shops – 59 in the USA and 1 in Thailand.

Where are Hamboards made?

Huntington Beach

Type Private
Headquarters Huntington Beach, California, United States
Key people Pete Hamborg Don Sandusky Yusuke Nick Imamura Abraham Paskowitz Robert Herjavec
Products Surfskateboards SUPSkateboards SUPSkate Paddles

Are Hamboards good?

Best Hamboards Surfing Skateboards: More Good Choices Hamboards skateboards are the ultimate choice for a surf-training skateboard. Their HST carving trucks are unmatched, and they’ve got some really well-designed decks for almost any style.

How big is a Hamboards Surfskate carving truck?

Hamboards Surfskate Carving trucks (HST’s) are sold as fully assembled sets of two trucks outfitted with 20 lbf restorative force (silver) springs, black auto-tune kingpins, and massive 24 mm wood riser blocks (painted black). Also include is a kingpin hex tool and M6 55mm hardware which can fit most regular longboards.

How does the HST Hamboard Surfskate system work?

Former NASA engineer Don Sandusky created a game-changing surfskate system the HST Hamboard Surfskate truck. A patented design forces the hanger to rotate inside a tubular channel in perfect alignment with the pivot axis …. allowing deep carves with 30-degree board lean and smooth rebounds for a pivotal surfskate cruise.

What kind of tools do you need for a hamboard?

Also include is a kingpin hex tool and M6 55mm hardware which can fit most regular longboards. (FOR THICKER BOARDS PLEASE PURCHASE LONGER HARDWARE – SEE FAQ.)

Is the Moly washer on a hamboard truck?

A recent development is the Moly Washer which has completely eliminated “loose” fit and squeaking. These new Hamboards Trucks took four years of designing, testing and improving to create their authentic style of riding.