Did 1957 Chevy have fuel injection?

Did 1957 Chevy have fuel injection?

1957 was the first year that Chevrolet ever offered fuel injection as an option. A 283 cu in (4,640 cc) engine fitted with solid lifters, the “Duntov” cam and fuel injection was rated at 283 hp (211 kW) and cost $500.

How many fuel injected 57 Chevys were made?

The Rochester fuel injection final GM production numbers according to www.chevroletfuelinjection.com came in at 13,289 combined units sold and utilized in the Chevrolet 1957 to 1959 passenger cars and 1957 to 1965 Corvettes.

When was the first fuel injected car?

Bosch eliminated that need in 1967 when it introduced what would become the first successful mass-produced electronic fuel injection system for gasoline engines. It first appeared on the 1967 Volkswagen 1600.

What is a 1957 Chevy convertible worth?

Chevrolet Models

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $69,575
Convertible $73,150
Hardtop Sport Coupe $40,000
HardTop Sport Coupe $40,975

Did they make a 57 Chevy in a convertible?

Chevrolet produced 47,000 Bel Air convertibles in the 1957 model year, but very few would have been as lavishly equipped with dealer and factory options and accessories as this example. …

What liter engine is a 283?

Specifications. The 16-valve 283 featured a 3.87-inch bore and 3-inch stroke within a 283-cubic-inch displacement (4.6 liters). It featured a single overhead camshaft and overhead valves.

Who really invented fuel injection?

Jonas Hesselman
The concept of direct fuel injection has been around since 1925 when Swedish engineer Jonas Hesselman invented it. During WWII, some fighter planes were equipped with direct fuel injection to prevent stalling during high speed aerial maneuvers.

What did a 1957 Chevy cost in 1957?

How much did a 1957 Chevy Bel Air cost new?

Model Number Body/Style Number Factory Price
2429 1064DF $2,757
Bel Air Series – V8
2403 1019D $2,390
2413 1039D $2,464

How much horsepower can you get out of a 283?

On the surface of it, one would be hard pressed to believe that a Stock 283 Chevy, with an actual displacement of 293 cubes, breathing through 1.72-inch intake valves, with lift restricted to a meager 0.399 inch through a stock-style valve train would pull hard to upwards of 8,000 rpm and deliver power approaching 1.3 …