What Pokemon does Cynthia have in the anime?

What Pokémon does Cynthia have in the anime?

Garchomp ♀
Garchomp ♀ Garchomp is Cynthia’s main Pokémon, which she uses in almost every single battle of hers. Garchomp is her most powerful Pokémon, and has never been seen losing to a single opponent.

What is Cynthia’s strongest team?

Pokemon: Every Member Of Cynthia’s Teams, Ranked

  1. 1 Garchomp. As the signature Pokemon of Cynthia, it should be no surprise that her Garchomp is the strongest fighter in all of her teams.
  2. 2 Lucario.
  3. 3 Milotic.
  4. 4 Togekiss.
  5. 5 Braviary.
  6. 6 Gastrodon.
  7. 7 Roserade.
  8. 8 Spiritomb.

What is Cynthia’s Pokémon team?

In each of her appearances, her team includes Garchomp, Lucario, and Spiritomb, with Togekiss, Milotic, and Roserade most commonly filling out the roster.

Can you rematch Cynthia in Pokémon Black?

Pokémon Black & White – Sinnoh Champion Cynthia & Designer Morimoto. After you have defeated her, you’ll have the ability to come and rematch her again at any point once a day.

Did Ash beat Cynthia?

Aaron, facing Cynthia, used Drapion to battle her Garchomp. Moments later, Cynthia’s Gastrodon defeated Aaron’s Beautifly and earned Cynthia the victory. While Ash faced Paul in a full battle, upon seeing Chimchar confident, Brock was reminded of Cynthia’s words.

Who is the strongest trainer in Pokemon?

The Strongest Trainers In The Pokemon Anime

  1. 1 Leon. Of course, first place on this list is the winner of that said Finals match, Leon.
  2. 2 Lance.
  3. 3 Cynthia.
  4. 4 Tobias.
  5. 5 Steven Stone.
  6. 6 Alain.
  7. 7 Galar Gym Leaders.
  8. 8 Ash Ketchum.

Can Ash defeat Leon?

Although Ash has already lost to Leon in their first battle, it’s clear that he has not forgotten about his end goal for this series. When Leon and Raihan congratulate one another after a fierce battle, Ash interrupts them with the declaration that he will be the one to defeat Leon in the end.

Who is the hardest champion in Pokémon?

Cynthia is, without a doubt, the toughest Pokémon Champion, and she’s not likely to be outranked any time soon.