What is Roto-Jet pump?

What is Roto-Jet pump?

Roto-Jet pumps are high pressure single-stage centrifugal pumps using advanced pitot tube technology and are designed to handle tough applications across multiple industries.

Who makes Roto-jet pumps?

Trillium Flow Technologies™
As part of the Trillium Flow Technologies™ legacy brand portfolio, our Roto-Jet® high-pressure pitot tube pumps, including the Roto-Jet® RO-FT model, offer proven, field-tested pumps with a steadfast reputation for quality engineering and reliability.

What is a pitot tube pump?

The pitot tube pump is a variation on a centrifugal pump. It uses a fixed pitot tube located within the rotating casing. They are single stage pumps designed for low flow, high head applications. The pitot tube design produces a stable, pulsation free flow.

What does a pitot tube measures on which principle does a pitot tube work Mcq?

Upon which principle does a pitot tube work? The Pitot tube works upon the Bernoulli’s principle as it gives us pressure heads.

Is pitot tube used to measure discharge?

Pitot Tube is a device that is used to measure velocity at a particular point….Detailed Solution.

Quantity Measuring Devices
Discharge Venturimeter, Nozzle Meter, Orifice Meter
Velocity of flow Pitot Tube or Prandtl Tube

How accurate are pitot tubes?

The pitot tube is an inexpensive alternative to an orifice plate. Accuracy ranges from 0.5% to 5% FS, which is comparable to that of an orifice. Its flow rangeability of 3:1 (some operate at 4:1) is also similar to the capability of the orifice plate.

How do you calculate pitot pressure?

The fluid velocity is directly proportional to the velocity pressure and can be calculated using the formula V = 1096.7 √hv/d for air, with V the velocity, d the density of air in the application, and hv the velocity pressure from the measuring device.

What is measured with the Piezometer?

A piezometer is either a device used to measure liquid pressure in a system by measuring the height to which a column of the liquid rises against gravity, or a device which measures the pressure (more precisely, the piezometric head) of groundwater at a specific point.