Is Mr House Good or bad Fallout New Vegas?

Is Mr House Good or bad Fallout New Vegas?

this character does seems kinda evil, but he doesn’t seem to have any ambitions like ncr or the legion, he did some bad, he might do some bad, but if he limits his inteligence, perception and unaging life on melancholy, preserving the ruins of las vegas, holding to a past that will never comeback, assuming that his …

Is Mr House a villain?

Robert Edwin House, simply better known as Mr. House, is the self-styled President, CEO, and Sole Proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281 and one of the main antagonists (alongside Caesar) of Fallout: New Vegas unless the player chooses to side with him.

Should you kill Mr House New Vegas?

You can remove House’s access to his systems without killing him… well, without killing him straight away. It will kill him eventually, and he’ll spend the intervening time locked in a metal coffin with no access to the outside world.

Should I kill Mr house right away?

House. There is no need to take him out any sooner than the very absolute end. The Legion and NCR, respectively, will want him out of the picture much sooner.

What happens if I make Primm slim the sheriff?

If Primm Slim is made sheriff, he can be heard on Radio New Vegas. He does not appear to know the name of the town where he is sheriff, due to a missing data token.

Does Mr house like the Courier?

He takes great interest in the Courier, seeing them as a valuable asset to be utilized for overcoming obstacles too challenging for his other agents. Though their relationship is mainly professional, Mr.

What does Ulysses think of Mr House?

Ulysses has a negative opinion of Mr. House, believing that his attempt to rebuild his symbol, Vegas, the same way it was before the Great War is a dangerous idea that will end in failure.

Is Mr House the good ending?

Fallout: New Vegas gives players a seemingly impossible choice, but siding with the enigmatic Mr. House may be New Vegas’ best shot at survival. Player choice is at the heart of every Fallout game, which is part of why the series is so beloved. …

Does karma matter in New Vegas?

Karma doesn’t have as much of effect on gameplay as in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, since reputation has a more important place. Unlike reputation, where one can only gain fame or gain infamy, karma can be gained and lost. Karma also no longer determines which companions you can recruit.

Is Educated perk worth it New Vegas?

The perk is more valuable in Fallout: New Vegas, as you get only half the bonus skill points for your INT stat when levelling up. This means that the perk is equivalent, in terms of skill point gain, to 4 points of INT. This perk will provide an extra 92 skill points from level 4 to 50.