Which is better Loreal Preference or excellence?

Which is better Loreal Preference or excellence?

Difference 2: Excellence includes a treatment to apply before coloring the hair. Preference, in turn, includes a treatment to apply after coloring. If you bleached your hair, it may feel dull or damaged; you should choose Preference by L’Oréal because it includes a post-color treatment with ceramides and proteins.

What developer is in Loreal Preference?

Hi, Superior Preference with patented fade-defying color and shine system is a gel consistency with a 20% volume developer. We thank you for your interest in Loreal!

How do I use Loreal Preference color extender?

When you color starts to faed (about 3 weeks after coloring it), you apply the extender to wet hair. Rinse it out after 5-10 minutes. Easy as that! You can use it every time your color starts to fade.

How long does Loreal Preference last?

Long Lasting Hair Color Fade-defying for up to 8 weeks.

Can you buy the conditioner that comes with L Oréal hair dye?

The conditioner is meant to be a weekly deep treatment. As such, it’s included with the color and not for purchase without it. I can attest that the L’oreal shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair works great for those regular uses.

Can you mix two different brands of hair dye together?

Hair color shades can be mixed but ONLY if they are the same type (permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent) AND the same brand.

Can you put Loreal Preference on wet hair?

Do not wash or wet your hair before applying L’Oreal Preference. Use the Color Optimizing Crème immediately after mixing it with the Fade Defying Gel. Do not cover your hair while it is coloring.

How often can you color your hair with Loreal Preference?

L’Oreal recommends waiting two weeks Most permanently colored hair grows at a rate that will require touching up the roots at least once every six weeks. The L’Oreal website recommends waiting at least two weeks between hair color applications.