How do I notify Humana of overpayment?

How do I notify Humana of overpayment?

How to dispute Humana’s overpayment findings

  1. Access the overpayments application on the Availity Portal at under “Claims & Payments.”
  2. In the application, click the action menu on the card for the overpayment you wish to dispute.
  3. Select “Dispute Overpayment.”

What is Peehip Humana?

This PEEHIP Humana plan combines Medicare Part A (hospital), Part B (other medical services), and Part D (prescription drugs) in one package of benefits.

How do I set up Humana EFT?

EFT/ERA enrollment through Humana

  1. Sign in to Availity Portal at (registration required).
  2. From the Payer Spaces menu, select Humana.
  3. From the Applications tab, select the ERA/EFT Enrollment app. (If you don’t see the app, contact your Availity administrator to discuss your need for this tool.)

What is Humana EDI number?

If you have questions not answered in the guides, please visit, opens new window or call 800‐282‐4548.

What is EFT in health insurance?

An electronic funds transfer, or EFT, is the electronic message used by health plans to order a financial institution to electronically transfer funds to a provider’s account to pay for health care services. An EFT includes information such as: Amount being paid.

How do I check my Humana claim?

Step by step: How to view your claims on your computer

  1. Sign in to your MyHumana account from
  2. Select ‘Claims.
  3. Your ‘Claims’ page opens to your recent medical claims.
  4. You also have the option to download your claims into a spreadsheet.

How do I pay my Humana premium Bill?

Pay by mail Mail the payment and the coupon book slip to the address on the slip, using the return envelope provided. Be sure to write your Humana member ID on the check or money order. The Humana member ID number can be found on your Humana member ID card or invoice.

How to find out if you are a Humana member?

Now you have two ways to get the Humana Medicare plan information you need, when you need it. Need a quick glance at your Medicare plan details to review your coverage? All you need is your Humana Medicare Member ID card to take a quick look. MyHumana lets you access your Humana plan your way.

How can Humana help you manage your health plan?

Access resources and tools to help make managing your health easier. Set up your account to start managing your plan and benefits online. Get easy access to the forms you need most—including medical and pharmacy documents. Make a one-time payment, check payment details or set up recurring payments.

What’s the phone number for Humana gold plus integrated?

Humana Gold Plus® Integrated (MMAI) Call 1-800-787-3311 (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Central time.