How do I make sure my writing makes sense?

How do I make sure my writing makes sense?

Here are 11 ways you can start sounding brilliant:Have something to say. This makes writing easier and faster. Be specific. Consider two sentences: Choose simple words. Write short sentences. Use the active voice. Keep paragraphs short. Eliminate fluff words. Don’t ramble.

What is fluff fic?

(n.) Fanfic without angst; any pleasant, feel-good story. Fluff may lack plot; however, unlike a PWP the focus is not sex, but displays of affection between two or more characters, whether their relationship is romantic or not.

How do you write good fluff?

For fluff, try putting your characters in a warm, peaceful environment. Fluff is also good to be extremely descriptive, especially if you’re talking about the character’s emotions. Use all the metaphors, analogies and sensory words you want.

How do you write a good romance fanfiction?

For romance specifically:Build the tension. Show hints of attraction both ways, and have your readers begging for action.Stay away from cliches like “our lips crashed together”Again, don’t go OOC. Don’t dump romantic/sexual action everywhere. Try to connect your characters and plot to the canon.

What makes good fanfiction?

Basically a good fanfic has all the elements of good story telling in general. There’s no real need to expect less because it’s not a published work. You just need to be more lenient with typos because unlike published authors most don’t have editors. A good fanfic needs good storytelling.

How do you write a successful fanfiction?

8 Pro Tips to Becoming a Successful Fan Fiction WriterWrite about celebrities, movies, or characters you love — but make sure your subject has a mass appeal. Don’t spend too much time coming up with Most Original Story Ever. Prove you’re a true fan by incorporating Easter eggs. That said, write a universal story. Update regularly. Make other writers feel special.