Is the MT-07 a good touring bike?

Is the MT-07 a good touring bike?

The MT-07 though is still a good bike for it and I know a few people who have done tours around europe. Get a decent screen and some hand guards if you want to make it a bit more comfortable.

What’s the difference between MT-07 and FZ-07?

The Yamaha FZ-07 quickly became a favorite of motorcyclists and motorcycle industry publications when the bike launched in 2014. It was called the FZ-07 in North America until 2017, when Yamaha changed the name to MT-07 to match it’s name in the rest of the world.

Is the mt07 an adventure bike?

The Yamaha MT-07, while an excellent road bike, is one of the less appropriate bikes to take off the beaten path. That hasn’t stopped Jake the Garden Snake from doing it from time to time. He enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he converted his 2016 FZ-07 (same bike, different name) into a dedicated adventure bike.

How big is the engine on a Yamaha FZ 07?

Much like its FZ-09 big brother, the central talking point when it comes to the FZ-07, besides the price, is its engine. The all-new DOHC parallel-Twin sports a bore and stroke of 88.0mm x 68.6mm to net a 689cc displacement.

Which is better Yamaha FZ6R or fz7?

Yamaha is touting the new engine as being highly efficient, claiming fuel mileage 34% better than the FZ6R: the FZ returns a claimed 58 mpg, compared to 43 mpg on the FZ6. Despite having a smaller tank, at 3.7 gallons (vs. 4.6 on the 6R), the FZ has a greater range.

Which is better a Yamaha gladius or a Yamaha fz7?

Horsepower is comparable to the Gladius, and about on par with Yamaha’s own FZ6R, though the Twin produces about 6 ft-lb more torque than the 6R’s inline Four. There’s good news for maintenance-minded riders; Yamaha claims 25,000-mile valve-adjustment intervals. An all-new, 689cc parallel-Twin produces 75 horsepower and 50 ft-lb of torque.

How does a fuel injected Yamaha FZ work?

The fuel-injected FZ is fed air through twin 38mm Mikuni throttle bodies, and in the interest of cost savings, they are actuated by good ‘ol cables. To reduce horsepower loss due to friction between cylinder and piston, cylinders are offset seven milimeters to the front of the engine.