Does Makro refill gas?

Does Makro refill gas?

Makro has recently (last few years) started offering gas refilling and exchanges at most of their Makro stores. Simply bring along your empty gas bottle to the Makro store, park near the gas depot which should be located near the entrance of the parking lot.

Is it illegal to refill gas bottles?

The refilling of rented gas cylinders is illegal and could see you prosecuted for theft; it’s also extremely dangerous. Quite rightly the industry has serious concerns about this practice and wants to stamp it out.

How do I know if my gas bottle is empty?

The best way to tell if your gas bottle is empty is to have a look at the tare disk. This shows the weight of the gas bottle when it doesn’t contain any gas. If you look at the top of the gas bottle surrounding the outlet valve, you’ll see a circular aluminium disk.

How much is 3kg gas cylinder refill?

Average price of Cooking gas in Nigeria

Cylinder (kg) Current Price
2kg ₦1,300
3kg ₦1,950
5kg ₦3,250
6kg ₦3,900