Are Dextero AT tires good?

Are Dextero AT tires good?

The DEXTERO ALL TERRAIN DAT1 is an AT tire designed to deliver excellent performance on or off the road. The tread is designed for superior grip on wet or dry roads and offers great self-cleaning for off-road traction….

Tire Size LI / SR UTQG
P265/70R17* 113T 520 A B
P275/65R18 114T 520 A B
P275/55R20* 111H 520 A B

Who manufactures dht2?

Where are Dextero tires manufactured? Dextero tires are produced by GITI Tire, a leading global tire company, with eight manufacturing plants worldwide, and a new, North American plant that began production in 2017. Giti Tire sells quality tires in more than 130 countries. How long has the Dextero brand been around?

What company makes Dextero tires?

Giti Tire
Most of the Dextero tires for Walmart are made in the Giti Tire Group’s Indonesia plant. Eventually, 100% of the Dextero tires for Walmart will be produced in the U.S. plant. Production at the Giti Manufacturing (USA) Ltd.

How many miles do Dextero tires last?

Therefore, Dextero warrants tires mounted in the rear axles of vehicles with staggered fitments only up to 50% of the warranted miles under the Standard Dextero Mileage warranty….2.0 LIMITED MILEAGE WARRANTY.

Tire Pattern Mileage Tire Warranty*
ALL TERRAIN DAT1 50,000 miles / 80,000 Kilometers

Who makes Goodyear?

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is an American multinational tire manufacturing company founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling and based in Akron, Ohio….Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Goodyear’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio
Area served Worldwide
Key people Richard J. Kramer (Chairman, President, and CEO)
Products Tires
Revenue US$12.32 billion (2020)

Are Dextero tires all season?

The Dextero touring dtr1 is an all season touring tire designed for passenger and crossover vehicles. The dtr1 delivers all season performance with precise handling and control in wet and dry, and a quiet, comfortable ride.