How did Mal Duncan get his powers?

How did Mal Duncan get his powers?

Malcolm “Mal” Duncan saves the Teen Titans from a street gang called the Hell Hawks by beating their leader in a boxing match. The horn grants Mal unspecified powers, whenever the odds are against him in battle. Armed with the horn, Mal assumes the name Hornblower.

Who is bumblebees boyfriend?

Mal Duncan
Her boyfriend, Mal Duncan, a.k.a. the Herald, was a new member of the Teen Titans and anxious to prove himself worthy of the team. Wanting to help Mal, Karen made herself a costume and took up the name Bumblebee.

Who is Malcolm in DC?

Merlyn (DC Comics)

Full name Arthur King / Malcolm Merlyn
Team affiliations Legion of Doom League of Assassins Injustice League Anti-Justice League The 100 The Killer Elite Injustice Gang Secret Society of Super Villains Suicide Squad
Notable aliases The Dark Archer The Magician The Magnificent

What are Jericho’s powers?

Jericho gained new powers: a powerful lion soul-self and a healing ability that repaired his throat and allowed him to speak again. In the “Titans Hunt” storyline, Nightwing and Troia, accompanied by some new allies, found and confronted him.

Who is Bumblebee’s daughter?

She eventually gives birth to a baby girl named Rhea who is born with a heart defect in “Unknown Factors”. To fix this, Karen patches a hole in her daughter’s heart and activates her metagene. Bumblebee is a main character in the 2019 incarnation of the DC Super Hero Girls TV series, voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

Why is Jericho mute Titans?

After being held hostage by his father’s enemy, Jackal, as a young child, Joseph Wilson (Jericho’s real name) had his throat slit and, though he survived, came out of the attack mute, communicating through American Sign Language from then on out.