Top Persuasive Essay Topics to Write About in 2018

Persuasive essays are a great way to encourage the reader to look at a certain topic in a different light. After reading your essay, you want the reader to think about your topic in a way they never did before. While persuasive essays are usually required in high school, they are more prominent during college years so writing this type of essay in high school will help you prepare for the college experience. Every persuasive essay has:

  • an introduction
  • body of paragraphs
  • a conclusion

All persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays. The difference between these two essays is that the argumentative paper shows where a discussion has been presented that opposes something based on one opinion or view of that subject. When you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to write it in a way that it presents the fact and persuades the reader to think about the topic in a different way other than what was originally presented.

With a persuasive essay, the sentence structure is more in the form of a complete sentence instead of a question. All persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays. The difference between these two essays is that the argumentative essay shows where a discussion that has been presented opposes something based on one opinion or view of that subject.

What should you write about?

Top Persuasive Essay Topics to Write About in 2018

There are so many interesting topics that could be turned into a persuasive essay if you take the time to think about it. Until then, you can use these wonderful ideas to help you write the ultimate persuasive essay for your next college project.

Persuasive Essay Topics that are Easy

  • The ultimate reason for the invention of the Internet was to change our lives
  • Classes should be made different for both genders
  • Modern classrooms have not done a good job matching a child’s individual abilities with exams
  • Parents should do a regular check of their child’s belongings to search for drugs
  • Schools should not campaign with ads
  • It’s the parents’ responsibility to provide a healthy diet to their child
  • Restaurants should stop selling soda drinks to children
  • Young adults under the age of 21 should be allowed to consume alcohol legally as long as they have a parents consent
  • Public school cafeterias should eliminate French fries from the menu
  • If a child does something illegal, the parents should be held responsible and sentenced for their doings
  • Public Places should welcome breastfeeding

Somewhat Difficult Topics for Persuasive Essays

  • Commercial testing of products on animals should no longer be allowed
  • Felons who have served their time in prison should be allowed to vote once they are free
  • Should ACLU be considered a scam and is no good for America
  • The drinking age should be bumped up past 21
  • Replacing fossil fuels with cheaper alternative energy options
  • Churches need to contribute their share of taxes
  • The Cuba Embargo should be maintained by the U.S.
  • Create Jobs and decrease the federal corporate income tax rate
  • The Bowl Championship Series, also known as the BCS, should be replaced with a college football playoff system

Topics for Persuasive Speech and Essays that are not so Easy to Write About

  • Childhood will determine sex orientation
  • Capital Punishment is a crime itself
  • The primary cause of climate change could be linked to humans
  • Euthanasia should be allowed
  • The consequences of allowing adults to carry electroshock weapons.
  • The US Supreme Court should never agree to same-sex marriages
  • Sure fire ways to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Defending yourself – It should be protected under the second amendment of the constitution of the United States
  • Illegal Immigrants who are convicted of crimes should be forced to pay back their upkeep through a work program

Persuasive Essay and Speeches – Topics for College Level

  • Finding equal balance in gender for politics
  • It’s not easy to concentrate on texting and using the phone at the same time
  • Ipads should be the permanent textbook
  • The many cautions students should be aware of when posting on social media
  • Immigration problems can be solved with a border fence
  • All countries can learn from cyber-attacks
  • New laws are needed to get a handle on recycling
  • College networks can use certain filters to prevent inappropriate materials from traveling outside of campus
  • Social networking – Don’t do it while on school grounds
  • Girls may want to demand equal representation in co-ed sports such as Football and wrestling
  • Americans shouldn’t spend time worrying about domestic terrorism
  • The elderly generation is losing the battle against identity theft

Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics at a Bachelor’s Level

Top Persuasive Essay Topics to Write About in 2018
  • Fast food restaurants should list calorie count on display
  • The middle-class suffers from overburden from the current tax system
  • Chronic mental patients could be in your community in “halfway housing”
  • Highways should get rid of big billboards
  • A psychiatrist should be required to testify even if a patient enters a plea of non-guilty by reason of insanity.
  • The U.S Constitution should state that a National Health Insurance Program should be in effect
  • Death row should be the only option for child molesters
  • Parents who may be expecting/adopting should be required to take parenting classes
  • Teen moms should be supported and encouraged to marry while in high school
  • The disbanding of the United Nations
  • Prisons should use art and music to calm prisoners
  • All educated people should be made to volunteer to tutor in reading
  • It’s not right to construct the Olympic venues near the UNESCO

Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics – Master’s Level

  • A prescribed code of ethics should be frowned upon by society as a whole
  • Good and evil doesn’t really exist
  • Human behavior is defined by an individual’s sexual desire
  • Because selfishness is a human behavior, it should be a constitutional right
  • The genetics of intelligence and how it can be engineered
  • Human behavior is based on genetics
  • Selfish people are unhappy because they don’t help others
  • God is Alive
  • Turning to God should be an option in handling evil in the world
  • Parental Instincts encourages good and bad ethics in children
  • Telling the truth is always the way to go
  • Wealth is obtained by taking from others

Persuasive Essays that are Funny

  • What would the world look like if donkeys ruled it?
  • Where do mismatched people run to?
  • Why does country music not sound good to everyone? (Exclusive bio)
  • The most horrible song that ever existed
  • People who love shows with shark attacks normally cheer on the shark to attack
  • Why does the beach have tanning beds?
  • Video gaming skills can enhance your career
  • Why it’s so darn tempting to read spam emails over real emails
  • Scaring strangers is easier if you wear braces
  • Life changing things happen when you play with Barbie dolls
  • Frightening situations with the well-known Mickey Mouse
  • If you are not a sporty girlfriend, learn how to fake it, so he thinks you are
  • How to fake work and never get noticed
  • I’m a living Barbie Doll, and I hate my Life!

Persuasive Essay Ideas on Controversial Topics

  • Federal tax money shouldn’t go to bail out any financial institutions
  • U.S Society justifies surveillance
  • Polygamy should not be allowed – ever!
  • Daughters from lesbian mothers are more deviant
  • Search and seizures should be allowed without warrant when grounds have been established
  • Judges should have the power to make decisions based on facts presented, not the jury system
  • Biological weapons should be banned permanently
  • Torture should be banned permanently
  • Children under the age of 16 should not be allowed to obtain contraceptives
  • New Rule: Both Parents must be certified in order to be allowed to have children
  • Benefits discovered in organisms that have been modified genetically
  • Educated women should no longer exist among us
  • Deceased male relatives should not be considered for harvesting sperm as this could be considered as incest as well as immoral

Additional Topics to Write About

  • Children should be paid for doing chores at home
  • The moon should be the next location for any additional population on earth and place a military post there to oversee it
  • Grades should be considered degrading and unacceptable in measuring a child’s learning development progress
  • Every family needs to have a survival plan in place in order to prepare for natural disasters
  • Parents talk with their children about not doing drugs at any age they feel the child is ready
  • Cats rank higher in domestic pet popularity than turtles do
  • Freedom of religion may not really exist like people think it does
  • Men’s contraceptive implant should be available as well

Persuasive Essay Meaning

It’s important to understand the meaning of persuasive writing; it allows readers to consider ideas as well as topics that may not otherwise receive attention outside of school. Persuasive essay writing has not always been a popular task to take on because it may or may not open the barrier between the social and personal level of thought. When writing persuasive essays, it’s important to bring your imagination to a new level and provide a different point view on certain situations.

It’s important to realize that essay topics are simply basic ideas that leave you pondering a thought that could be a big deal to someone else. When writing essays, it is always important that you include your references at all times. You should use APA reference tools to assist in writing your essay the correct way or hire a professional essay writer that can write the essay using the APA reference tools.