How to Write a Compelling Newspaper Editorial

Are you looking for ways to write an excellent editorial for your readers? Here, we’ve put together a list of different stages you’ll need to develop an attractive newspaper article. You’ll discover that they are all that you need for your first trial.

Defining Editorial Essays

So, what is an editorial essay? Well, this is a question which we find from most authors. First, you must understand the meaning of the word editorial. It means a newspaper article which contains different ideas of the author. He or she can choose to write a piece on any topic, but mostly, these pieces talk about social issues. Of course, similar to all research papers, you’ll have to offer credible evidence that supports your findings.

Detailed research should be conducted to find the topic that the author wishes to discuss. An editorial should describe the problem and offer suitable solutions. For instance, if the author wants to talk about the issues associated with an obese population, he or she should also give a detailed account of how to deal with such a huge problem. A good example here is developing a message for all those suffering from obesity and for healthcare experts who need to handle it.

The authors also speak to the ruling local governments as they try to encourage them to take the necessary measures. So far, it’s clear that coming up with an editorial essay bears close similarities with writing a research or essay paper. Therefore, if you didn’t have any problems in writing college, university or high school papers, you’ll find it pretty easy when you decide to come up with an interesting editorial.

How Can You Write Different Editorial Essays?

You’ll discover that unlike other essays, editorials have a different classification. Here, instead of being classified according to their nature, they are grouped based on their purposes. Hence, there’s no way of coming up with the answer to “what is an editorial essay?” without first understanding the basic facts of all types. So, as you work on your essay, you could either:

  • Describe/Explain/Interpret The Subject

Show how your newspaper article talks about the specific subject. Keep in mind that your argument needs to be debatable, controversial and sensitive to attract your audience. Take a look at this example: You might be an editor of a high school paper who chooses to talk about the different standards of writing to your readers.

  • You Could Even Criticize The Problem

Critical thinking is something that all expert essay writers should use to make a meaningful and captivating piece which covers a vital issue. Remember that an excellent editorial piece criticizes certain cases or actions providing solutions to all the existing problems. Your main aim here is to allow the readers to identify the problem rather than just their solutions.

  • You Can Also Persuade Your Audience By Showing Them The Central Argument Of The Editorial

Unlike the editorial essays which only criticize, persuasive papers concentrate on all suggested solutions without diving into the specific details of the problem. From the introduction or opening paragraph, the author should motivate his audience to take action when implementing the solution. Suitable examples of such essays are political endorsements.

  • Praise

These types of editorials appreciate organizations or people who have done beneficial and special deeds.

Are you still wondering what editorial essays are? If so, below are some exciting tips to help you understand such papers better!

Methods That Will Help You Come Up With an Attractive Editorial Essay

We are currently in the age of fierce writing competition because of the advancements in social media. Nowadays, you’ll find that a majority of people cannot write a persuasive newspaper editorial piece. Luckily, here are some essential tips and additional advice from various writing experts. As a young author, they should help you master the craft!

Choose a Good Newspaper With More Than 100,000 Copie

Try to choose the newspaper that is read by a wide-range of people. Such papers mostly talk about the relevant topics as well as offering essential facts as well as solutions to the current issues.

Look For Controversial Problems

The importance of using such subjects is because they are quite debatable. Besides, they are one of the best ways of engaging your audience in the discussion. Here, it’s essential to ask them additional questions as you proceed with the research.

When Writing an Editorial Essay, It’s All About Making the Right Decisions!

It’s worth mentioning that an author cannot take both sides of a controversial paper. Therefore, you should choose the one which you think is right based on your knowledge and experience.

There Are Various Methods Of Explaining How To Come Up With Such An Essay

As a young author, you should also provide multiple solutions that give your different audience choices. It’s crucial to test the efficiency and effectiveness of all solutions before offering them!

Minyvonne Burke from the United State’s Daily News says that

“To make any argument sound better, talk about several analogies. As the author, you have the right to choose between different social, political and cultural analogies as people often trust such fields. For instance, your research problem could be the credibility of different mobile spying applications.” Burke goes on to add that, “Look for similar issues in other technologically advanced countries where millions of people use such methods to keep their families safe. With editorials, you’re just looking for solutions as you discover what other states did to solve the specific issue.”

How Can You Write Newspaper Editorial

No matter the type of editorial piece you choose, your newspaper article should have specific features which you’ll need to keep in mind as an editor.

  1. An engaging introduction, followed by many body paragraphs and an attractive conclusion. As you can see, the structure is pretty similar to what we find in a good number of academic essays.
  2. A reasonable interpretation of the question or issue by using reliable facts, figures and statistics. Here, you should remember that complex problems need more attention than other simple topics.
  3. Use the most efficient news angle.
  4. Arguments offered by the opposing parties to show the essay is entirely unbiased and objective!
  5. As the author, you should also include your different viewpoints in the most formal language. Remember that impressive editorials do not concentrate on character traits when trying to persuade and attract the audience.
  6. Use professionalism and criticism to come up with possible solutions.
  7. Include a summary and a compelling call to action (CTA).

Before you even start writing your introduction, go through the various guidelines of the instructor. Here, you should consider factors such as content, formatting, and word count limitations. Now, the text below only provides specific answers to the question, “how to come up with an attractive editorial essay?”

Different Topics for Editorial Essays

Below, we will take you through the best essay subjects. In the process, we will also show you the most captivating research issues and suitable solutions for each!

1. Charter Schools/Institutions Are All About Making The Right Decision

For instance: “Public charter institutions are part of the public schooling program. Therefore, they follow all the recommended standards of learning. Such schools must show efficiency in all their proven methods of teaching. Otherwise, a good number of these institutions risk closure if they fail to bring high achievements. It’s the sole responsibility of the teachers to educate their students according to the standards of the United States of America learning system.”

2. Reality Television Programs Alternate and Develop Reality

Example: “The reality shows on our televisions make people lose touch with reality. Directors try to force their audience to believe that problems which players tackle every day also take place in our day to day lives. Besides, they force people to believe that their consequences are more serious than those of real-life situations.” “Interestingly, according to research done by Michigan University’s Dr. Gibson, viewing such TV shows for a long time results has certain challenges. For example, it leads to improved levels of aggression for a majority of people living in the United States. Therefore, such programs should come with various ranking to prevent those going through adolescence from watching them!”

Other topic ideas:

3. The Importance Of Higher Education In The United States

4. Causes And Consequences Of Subprime Crisis

5. Should We Legalize Marijuana For Its Relaxation Effect Or Is It Harmful To Our Brains?

6. Challenges Faced By Banning Cigarettes

7. Looking Back At the NBA Season: Primary Goals, Preparation, Expectation, Forecasts, Best Players, Discussions, and Results.

8. Essential Facts That Prove The Illegality Of Gambling

9. Proper Diabetes Treatment

10. Why The Government Allows Use Of Capital Punishment?

You can also get more amazing editorial essay examples as well as some of the most powerful research papers on expert academic writing websites. With that said, the following is a step-by-step approach to assist you in writing a captivating editorial piece!

Step-By-Step Approach to Assist You in Writing a Captivating Editorial Piece

STEP 1: Pick The Best Topic

Here, the best method is to choose a controversial social issue and talk about it from all possible angles. Keep in mind that your audience is feels encouraged reading such an essay from one cover to another if it comes with a provoking or ‘loud’ title. So, it’s critical to come up with essential ideas while in the brainstorming process!

The subject should be recent and touch on the sensitive issues within your society. A uniquely written topic is a sure guarantee that the readers will go through your newspaper article extensively. So, remember to only use necessary evidence from all recent sources. You could even go through different argumentative essays to get a clear picture of what you’ll need when writing your piece.

STEP 2: Giving Your Opinion

Composing an editorial is just like writing an argumentative piece. Here, you have to choose a recently discussed, contradictive and of course debatable subject. In the process, you should also highlight your stand regarding this issue with the help of convincing evidence. An excellent editorial needs to even cover both the negative and the positives of the topic. In this case, you should take caution not to focus on only one side as it’s not just subjective but also unprofessional. If you come across some difficulties, consider looking at the professional editorial and editing services. They will assist you to continue and develop the main idea of your article.

STEP 3: Writing an Outline

Have you ever tried to come up with an outline for your research or term paper? Well, while writing an editorial piece having a framework is also a crucial step. It helps you stick to the main subject even when new ideas come up in the process. Furthermore, it enables you to come up with well-structured and organized concepts!

STEP 4: Now Composing an Editorial

Create an argument that’s based on the topic of concern and choose a headline that automatically captivates your readers. A suitable example is including an exclamation mark which should compel them to read your article. Besides, you could even have a question mark towards the end. When it comes to the main argument, ensure you support it with different analogies and examples. A wise strategy is pointing out positive and negative aspects of all issues.

Here Are Extra Prompts:

  • Applying facts and statistics from all online primary sources or those you find in the library. These resources will help you in explaining your argument.
  • Discuss the most captivating evidence towards the end!
  • Avoid being too passive in other less powerful ideas to keep your readers interested throughout!

STEP 5: Conclusion or Possible Solutions

Your editorial should always have a conclusion based on constructive criticism. Keep in mind that you should still have two points of view: For instance, if you’re writing about the different government regulations aimed at reducing the use of tobacco, show why these strategies are more critical than others. Also, propose various alternative regulations.


In a nutshell, writing an editorial is a crucial step in your writing career. Besides, you may request for an efficient newspaper article from various online professionals to grab the attention of your audiences. Here, you’ll find fantastic sites which charge less custom writing fees!