Is seven pounds a good film?

Is seven pounds a good film?

“Seven Pounds” is a mess. Despite being directed by Gabriele Muccino (“The Pursuit of Happyness”) and starring Will Smith, “Seven Pounds” is an immensely flawed film that is likely to get decent box-office numbers only because Will Smith’s fans will give virtually anything he does a chance.

What is the risen movie rated?

Risen/MPAA rating
Risen is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for Biblical violence including some disturbing images. Violence: Characters involved in a battle are impaled with spears, run through with swords and pummeled with rocks.

Is the movie 7 pounds based on a true story?

I don’t believe that it was based on a true story. Smith said, “This is more like the old-school music tours. But “Seven Pounds” — which was written by Grant Nierporte and directed by Gabriele Muccino — is all too real. Seven Pounds is based on an original script by Grant Nieporte.

How is the rest of the movie Seven Pounds?

The rest of Seven Pounds feels like a half-hour “Twilight Zone” script that has been pressed onto a gob of Silly Putty and stretched to the sinking point. Read full review

Who are the main characters in seven pounds?

Read critic reviews A life-shattering secret torments Ben Thomas (Will Smith). In order to find redemption, he sets out to change the lives of seven strangers. Over the course of his journey, he meets and falls in love with a cardiac patient named Emily (Rosario Dawson), and in so doing, complicates his mission.

How did Will Smith change in seven pounds?

Now, with Seven Pounds, the transformation of Will Smith is complete: Gone is any trace of love-me impishness, replaced by one of the sourest pusses Hollywood has seen since Joaquin Phoenix got his Screen Actors Guild card. Read full review Gripping but gap-filled Seven Pounds will have half your brain asking “How could this be?”

Who is Ben Thomas in the movie Seven Pounds?

Smith is Ben Thomas, apparently an officer with the Internal Revenue Service, galvanised by his own mysterious mission – searching, searching, searching for decent, kind, good people. With incredible condescension, he tells the successful ones things like: “You have a beautiful family.”