How can you tell a real Camaro RS SS?

How can you tell a real Camaro RS SS?

Go to and burn off a copy of the 67 trim tag info. Take it with you when you go, or memorize what needs to be where so that way you can see how honest the seller will be with you. If it is a true RS/SS car it should have disk brakes up front, a 12 bolt, and the factory traction bar on the right rear.

What is a 1970 Chevy Camaro worth?

The six-cylinder 1970 Camaro retailed for $2,749 and attracted 12,578 buyers, while the V-8 Sport Coupe attracted 112,323 buyers at $2,839, for a total of 124,901 sales – 120,000 fewer than 1969.

What was the RS package on a 1970 Camaro?

The 70 Camaro was also available with a distinctive appearance package called the Rally Sport (RPO Z22) option. Unlike the previous year’s hidden headlights, the RS package included a distinctive nose and bumper treatment, round front parking lights, hidden wipers, and other trim.

What are the numbers on a 1970 Chevy Camaro?

First (of two) sets of six digit numbers. Unknown what the meaning of these codes are at this time. Second set of six digit numbers. In this set the first 2 digits are the Camaros birthday but the last four digits are unknown at this time.

What kind of spoiler does a 1970 Camaro have?

One-piece low-profile rear spoiler standard; 3-piece high spoiler (COPO 9796) available optionally after Apr. 20, 1970; special instrumentation; dual exhaust; black painted grille; Z28 emblems on grille, front fenders and rear deck lid; rear bumper guards; special hood insulation; special paint stripes on hood and rear deck.

Is there a VIN decoder for a 1967 Camaro?

In addition to identifying the car for these purposes, it can also be decoded to reveal details about when, where, and how your car was originally built. To simplify this process, Classic Industries has created a Camaro VIN Decoder that will help you understand more about your 1967-2002 first, second, third, or fourth-generation Camaro.