How can I speak with Zoomcar customer care?

How can I speak with Zoomcar customer care?

  1. What can we help you with? BOOKING. OTHER ISSUES.
  2. Select your booking.
  3. Tell us about your issue. Select your issue. Please select the issue. Select your sub issue. Visit our.
  4. How do you want to Contact us? Upload Bill. OR. EMAIL. Average wait 12-14 hrs.
  5. How do you want to Contact us? EMAIL. Average wait 12-14 hrs. OR. CALL US.

Where is Zoomcar head office?

Bengaluru, India

How do I complain to Zoomcar?

As solving the disputes is highly expected from a nation-wide venture like Zoomcar, this could be the way for claiming consumer rights against Zoomcar. In case of not getting any compensation or refund, next you should visit the Consumer Court for filing a Complaint against Zoomcar.

How do you connect zoom in a car?

How Zoomcar Works

  1. Book. Search for and book a car on our site!
  2. Upload License. Upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit.
  3. Unlock. We SMS your car details 20 minutes before pickup.
  4. Zoom. Fill the start checklist in the Zoomcar app.
  5. Return.

Why is Zoomcar not refunding?

More than 100 people in the group now have received refunds. Responding to a query about the delay, a company spokesperson said in a statement: “Zoomcar’s operations were completely shut due to the Coronavirus-led lockdown in India from the middle of March through August.

What is free kms in Zoomcar?

Each package provides a different amount of free kms (5, 10, or 15 free kms per hour). This means that our customers can always choose the right package for the amount of driving planned. If it’s a multi-day trip over a short distance, then Zoom Lite (5 kms/hr) is your best bet.

Is Zoomcar a good option?

Lots of affected people say “I will never book Zoomcar again”- If you have a better option by all means go ahead and try. In service industry no one is perfect- there’ve been issues with Myles, Revv and other companies as well- it is a bit of bad luck which is not in your control.

Who is the owner of Zoomcar?

ZoomCar, Inc.
Zoomcar/Parent organizations

Is Zoomcar refunding money?

“As per company policy, if there is a breakdown, the company will reimburse the money for that period. So, my refund amount had come to about Rs 9,000,” Swaminathan said.