What are Circus Peanuts supposed to taste like?

What are Circus Peanuts supposed to taste like?

Cookie-Cutter Approach. Though several companies make them, circus peanuts contain essentially the same ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin and artificial flavor and color. All taste like bananas to one degree or another, are orange and foamy.

Can you melt Circus Peanuts?

Or more to the point, the way Circus Peanuts don’t really melt. The marshmallows melt very evenly and turn into a creamy liquid. The Circus Peanuts do melt a bit, but they’re much more globby. They also take a bit longer to melt.

What gives Circus Peanuts their flavor?

As of the 2010s, the most familiar variety of mass-produced circus peanuts is orange-colored and flavored with an artificial banana flavor. These are typically made from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, pectin, soy protein, food coloring and artificial flavor.

Can you soften Circus Peanuts?

You can soften hard Circus Peanuts if you put them in the microwave for approximately 8-10 seconds, (microwave times may vary).

Do people actually eat Circus Peanuts?

While Circus Peanuts are not as popular as they were during the day of the famous “penny candies,” many Americans — especially older generations — are familiar with the sweet banana-flavored treat.

Are Circus Peanuts hard?

The most amazing thing about Circus Peanuts is they are always stale. Not rock-hard but weirdly deflated and tough. It is hard to make a marshmallow go stale. In my kitchen pantry, I have a bag of them that has seen me through four years of holiday yam casseroles, and they are still squishy and fresh.

Why are Circus Peanuts hard?

According to sources from Spangler, one of the only companies still making Circus Peanuts, this candy is one of the most difficult to make. They need the perfect conditions to have the correct consistency — too much moisture creates a thin, crusty deposit; too little and the peanut will cave inward.

Can you freeze Circus Peanuts?

Verified Reply – MitchellWe do not recommend freezing circus peanuts as they will become very sticky and mushy when they thaw. We recommend storing them in a zip lock bag in a cool, dry place and they should last up to a year.

What flavor are yellow Circus Peanuts?

Spangler Circus Peanuts, the banana-flavored, peanut-shaped marshmallow treat is a nostalgic favorite fat-free candy.

Why are Circus Peanuts bad?

Why are my Circus Peanuts hard?

Why are Circus Peanuts always stale?

The reason they are all stale is that we are still eating the original batch today. It is very uplifting to know that all Circus Peanuts will taste exactly alike.