What is the Manitoba Hydro Place made of?

What is the Manitoba Hydro Place made of?

The exterior of the building has granite and limestone cladding, while penthouse and solar chimney have metal cladding. The building was also constructed with a closed-loop underground geothermal system, the largest in Manitoba, which maintains the temperature of the structure.

How is Manitoba Hydro Place sustainable?

Efficient energy design. Manitoba Hydro Place uses 70% less energy than a comparable office building of conventional design. Passive systems (i.e. south-facing winter gardens, natural daylighting, and the solar chimney) take advantage of the environment and natural processes to reduce energy usage.

Where is Manitoba Hydro Place?

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro Place
Location 360 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0G8
Coordinates 49°53′32.63″N 97°8′47.04″WCoordinates: 49°53′32.63″N 97°8′47.04″W
Construction started August 2005
Completed December 22, 2008 (first occupancy)

How much does Manitoba Hydro pay?

Rates effective December 1, 2020

Charge Cost
Basic monthly charge not exceeding 200 Amp $8.86
Basic monthly charge exceeding 200 Amp $17.72
Energy charge 8.983¢/kWh
Minimum monthly bill is the basic charge.

Who designed Manitoba Hydro Place?

Bruce Kuwabara
Manitoba Hydro Place/Architects

When was Manitoba Hydro Place built?

August 2005
Manitoba Hydro Place/Constructions started

How does Manitoba Hydro work?

Manitoba Hydro uses the province’s abundant supply of water. Electricity generated using waterpower is called hydroelectricity. A hydroelectric generating station uses the natural force of a river as energy. Water flows into a station’s powerhouse through the intake and enters into the scroll case.