How much does a BCS tractor cost?

How much does a BCS tractor cost?

In the BCS system, the BCS tractor is the power source, which will operate a variety of attachments designed for many different uses around your farm, market garden or homestead. BCS makes three lines of walk-behind tractors: Harvester Series….Model 710.

Retail Price
Manual start – Kohler 7HP engine $1990.00

Are BCS tractors worth it?

The BCS is a great option for somebody who doesn’t have the resources to purchase a large tractor, or somebody who has the need for a number of specialty attachments. It’s also great exercise because you get to walk along with it. This is really the perfect tool for the small market gardener (or the crazy hobbiest).

Where are BCS tractors made?

The first motor mower, BCS model 243 made in Italy….BCS.

Founded 1943
Headquarters Abbiategrasso, Italy
Key people Fabrizio Castoldi (Chairman) Benso Marelli (General Manager)
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent BCS Group

How many acres can a walking tractor Plough in a day?

Patrick Abigaba attaches the single row planter onto a walking tractor that sows seeds in a row throughout the fields. It can plant at least five acres a day, writes Denis Bbosa.

What does BCS stand for in BCS tractor?

Overview of BCS Tractors. The BCS company was founded near Milan, Italy in 1942 by Luigi Castoldi and two associates, Camillo Bonnetti and Severino Speroni (Castoldi is the “C” in BCS; the other two the “B” and “S”) and their first product was a motorized walk-behind sickle-bar mower.

What is a BCS farm equipment?

BCS builds two-wheel tractor systems with interchangeable Rototillers (Tillers), Rotary Plows, Sickle Bar Mowers, Flail Mowers, Rotary Brush Mowers, Lawn Mowers, Chipper/Shredders, Snow Throwers, Power Sweepers, Dozer Blades, Snow Blade and many accessory attachments.