Does SFU have a gym?

Does SFU have a gym?

Eligible members must obtain an SFU Burnaby Recreation Membership prior to registering for a fitness centre session. Learn about membership eligibility and how to activate your membership.

How do I get into the SFU gym?

FIC Students

  1. Login to the SFU Recreation Web Portal. Make sure to login as “SFU Users – Computing ID” CLICK TO LOGIN TO THE WEB PORTAL.
  2. -After Logging In, Follow Steps Below to Complete Activation-
  3. Membership Selection. Click the red “Memberships” button on the Web Portal homepage.
  4. Check-out. Click the Check-out button.

How do I cancel SFU gym?

Visit the SFU Recreation Member Portal and log-in. Click on your profile photo on the top right hand corner and click “Profile”. Click “Programs” on the left hand side. Find the registration you wish to cancel and click the 3 red dots at the far right side of the page.

Does SFU have a pool?

Aquatics Centre features: 25 metres – 6 lane swimming pool.

Is SFU gym free for students?

Eligible Students, Staff and Faculty If you’re eligible, your membership is covered by student fees or staff benefits. To start using the recreation facilities all you need to do is activate your membership.

Is SFU track open?

Outdoor sport fields, the track and the tennis courts, when not in use by SFU Athletics & Recreation, are open to the general public. Please adhere to all posted signage and practice physical distancing while using these facilities. SFU continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I opt out of SFU fees?

You can opt out if you provide proof to of equivalent coverage. If you do not opt out you will owe the plan fee as charged. Opting out must be done every year even if you have opted out before.

How much is a Be Active Pass Burnaby?

ActivePASS Memberships

Active 10 Visit Active 90
Child (1 – 12 years)** $26.00 $87.75
Youth (13 – 18 years) $36.00 $121.50
Adult (19 – 64 years) $52.00 $175.50
Senior (65+ years) $38.00 $128.25

Is SFU open 24 hours?

Surrey Campus 24/7 access to SFU students (with SFU ID cards), staff and faculty. General public access from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Are SFU classes in person?

The vast majority of courses will be delivered in person in the Fall 2021. The following is the list of Fall 2021 course offered fully remotely. Please review the course outline and class notes for information about remote learning components, class schedule changes, course cart, and synchronous/asynchronous formats.