Who owns State Journal Register Springfield il?

Who owns State Journal Register Springfield il?

The cover-price is $2 daily, $4.50 on Sunday. Copley Press bought the State Journal in 1927. In 1942, it bought Springfield’s afternoon paper, the Illinois State Register….The State Journal-Register.

The July 27, 2005, front page of The State Journal-Register
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Gannett
Editor Leisa Richardson

Where is the State Journal Register located?

Springfield, IL
The State Journal-Register: Local News, Politics & Sports in Springfield, IL.

Who owns the State Journal Register?

GateHouse Media
The three-story building also has a parking lot. In 2007, Copley Newspapers sold The State Journal-Register to GateHouse Media. That company merged with Gannett in 2019.

Is Springfield in Illinois or Missouri?

Springfield, Illinois
Country United States
State Illinois
County Sangamon
Township Capital

What is Journal Register?

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What are the 5 states that border Illinois?

In addition to Wisconsin, the state borders Lake Michigan to the northeast, Indiana to the east, Kentucky to the southeast, Missouri to the west, and Iowa to the northwest. Illinois was named for the Illinois Indians.

What is the purpose of journal entries?

Journal entries are used to record the financial activity of your business. Journal entries are either recorded in subsidiary ledgers if you’re keeping your books manually, or they’re recorded directly into the general ledger (G/L) if you use accounting software.