How do you whiteout in eCopy PDF Pro?

How do you whiteout in eCopy PDF Pro?

  1. Select “Mark. Redaction”
  2. Draw a box. around the area. you wish to. “white out”
  3. Repeat this step.

What is eCopy PDF Pro?

eCopy® PDF Pro Office, the latest enterprise-ready PDF solution from Kofax, is the smarter PDF desktop software companion to Canon MFDs. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use PDF solution that lets you create, convert, and collaborate like never before for dramatic productivity gains and cost savings.

Is eCopy free?

eCopy Desktop – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download.

How do I white out a PDF on Kofax?

To complete the redaction process, press the “Redact Document” button. A dialog box gives you the chance to have redaction applied to a copy. Choose this to get two documents, one marked for redaction and the new one completely redacted. Then export these to store the marked version and distribute the redacted version.

How do I combine PDF in eCopy PDF Pro?

Let’s look at how to combine a Word, PDF, PowerPoint, JPG and Excel file into one PDF:

  1. Open one of the files in eCopy PDF Pro.
  2. Click the “View” tab and select “Page Assembly”
  3. Open the rest of the documents you want to assemble, in any order you like.

How much does eCopy cost?

Question: How is it 5thNK owns eCopy Domains/websites? Answer: To own a web site costs $10.00 per year. When Nuance purchased eCopy Inc we purchased every eCopy domain that was open. We wanted you to find us.

How do I combine PDFs in eCopy?

What is eCopy ShareScan?

Kofax eCopy ShareScan® is a capture and workflow solution that enables users to design workflows for document capture and processing. On-ramp documents quickly to compatible locations1. Help mobile users to capture and send information downstream with the optional Kofax Mobile Connect application2,3.

What is an eCopy?

eCopy allows your company to combine printed documents and electronic documents for easy transition between the two. Send a printed document to the copier by converting it into an electronic document, and vice versa. These digital copies will make managed print services so much easier.

When did ecopy PDF Pro office stop being sold?

Selling eCopy Software online since September of 2009 [email protected] 253 221 9051 Owner Scott Salisbury PDF Pro Office has been officially discontinued as of October 7, 2019. In its place? Kofax Power PDF Advanced.

Who is the owner of ecopy PDF software?

Nuance the Company in 2009 purchased eCopy Inc the Company. Today your software which use to be eCopy Desktop Software, and then eCopy Paperworks is now eCopy PDF Pro Office Software. You can buy a single version of this software or you can Buy Volume Licenses.

What can I do with nuance ecopy PDF pro?

Nuance eCopy PDF Pro OfficeTMgives you extensive control over your PDF files through an easy-to-use browsing and reading interface. You can edit pages and documents, annotate and review them, adjust document security, sign your documents and more. PDF documents can be compiled from different sources and pages can be rearranged.

When was PDF Pro office discontinued by Kofax?

PDF Pro Office has been officially discontinued as of October 7, 2019. In its place? Kofax Power PDF Advanced. 1992 eCopy Inc was founded. 2009 Nuance the Company buys out eCopy Inc. 2019 Kofax buys out Nuance. Why buy from us?