What is rustans FSP?

What is rustans FSP?

Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP) Be rewarded every time you shop at your favorite department store and our partner companies.

Is Sodexo accepted in rustans?

Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace, Wellcome, Shopwise now part of Sodexo network. Sodexo Premium Pass and Meal and Food Pass are also now being accepted at Rustan’s Supermarket’s 19 stores, Wellcome’s 14 stores and Shopwise’s 14 stores nationwide. Sodexo is now the direct producer of their gift certificates.

Can I convert Sodexo to cash?

Go to Home > Cash and click > Transfer to Bank. Select your preferred bank, enter account details and the amount you wish to transfer.

How can I convert my Sodexo mobile pass to Cash?

Simply Text CONVERT 10-Digit Sodexo Mobile Pass Code Load Amount 11-Digit Prepaid Mobile Number and send to 22566123 for FREE!