How do you pronounce Perioeci?

How do you pronounce Perioeci?

plural noun, singular Per·i·oe·cus [per-ee-ee-kuhs].

What was the role of Perioeci in the social life of Sparta?

Spartan Society The Perioeci, whose name means “dwellers-around,” worked as craftsmen and traders, and built weapons for the Spartans.

What Helot means?

Helot, a state-owned serf of the ancient Spartans. The ethnic origin of helots is uncertain, but they were probably the original inhabitants of Laconia (the area around the Spartan capital) who were reduced to servility after the conquest of their land by the numerically fewer Dorians.

What is the Syssitia in Sparta?

The syssitia (Ancient Greek: συσσίτια syssítia, plural of συσσίτιον syssítion) were, in ancient Greece, common meals for men and youths in social or religious groups, especially in Crete and Sparta, but also in Megara in the time of Theognis of Megara (sixth century BCE) and Corinth in the time of Periander (seventh …

What is the difference between a Perioeci and a Helot?

The perioeci were free, unlike the helots, but were not full Spartan citizens. The perioeci were obliged to follow Spartan foreign policy, and supplied men to fight in the Spartan army. Like the hómoioi (Greek: ὅμοιοι, full Spartan citizens), the perioeci fought in the army as hoplites, probably in the same units.

Who did the Spartans enslave?

They were the helots, the subjugated and conquered people, the slaves of Sparta. Nobody knows exactly what the term “Helot” actually means. Some say it came from the village called Helos that was conquered by the angry Spartans. Others say that it simply means “a slave” or “a serf”.

Which social class was most important to Sparta?

Sparta had a highly unusual system of government. Two kings ruled the city, but a 28-member ‘council of elders’ limited their powers. These men were recruited from the highest social class, the aristocratic Spartiates.

What was most important to Spartans?

The most important piece of equipment to a Spartan was their shield. The biggest disgrace a soldier could suffer was to lose his shield in battle. Spartan society was divided into specific social classes. Spartan – At the top of Spartan society was the Spartan citizen.

What is an example of helot?

The definition of helots were Greek slaves in ancient Sparta. An example of helots were serfs who were slaves and owned by the state of Sparta in ancient Greece.

What was the helot used for?

The people of Messene were taken hostage as slaves or helots and were used to farm the lands they had once possessed. The helots’ work helped to make Sparta a wealthy city, and in time they became trusted members of Spartan families.

What were Perioikoi in Sparta?

The Perioeci or Períoikoi (Greek: Περίοικοι, /peˈri. oj. koj/) were the members of a social class and population group of non-citizen inhabitants of Laconia and Messenia, the territory controlled by Sparta, concentrated in the coastal and highland areas.

How many helots were in Sparta?

The total population of helots at that time, including women, is estimated as 170,000–224,000. Since the helot population was not technically chattel, their population was reliant on native birth rates, as opposed to prisoners of war or purchased slaves.