How can I treat my dogs ear hematoma at home?

How can I treat my dogs ear hematoma at home?

My dog’s hematoma just popped on its own. What should I do?

  1. Try to gently clean the area with warm water and a mild, non-stinging cleaning solution (like dilute chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine).
  2. If your dog allows, place gentle pressure on the area to help it fully drain.

What can I do for my dogs ear hematoma?

Recovery and Management of an Ear Hematoma in Dogs

  1. Cleaning, drying, and treating the ear canal with appropriate medication.
  2. Cleaning the incision and massaging out any small pockets of fluid that may accumulate after surgery.
  3. Keeping a cone on your dog until sutures are removed and the hematoma has completely healed.

How long does it take for a hematoma on a dog’s ear to heal?

If a haematoma is left untreated the blood in the ear flap will separate into serum and a clot and will gradually be absorbed over a period of 10 days to 6 weeks. This is an uncomfortable time for your dog and unfortunately some scarring will take place during this process.

Can I drain hematoma myself?

If blood is spontaneously draining from the hematoma, drainage of subungual hematoma is generally not required. You should not try draining your subungual hematoma at home as improper drainage may result in infections or permanent damage to the nail bed.

How do you drain a hematoma at home?

The authors recommend using a disposable curette or punch biopsy tool at a tangential angle to drain the hematoma. This sharper tool creates a hole without squeezing the nail and causing pain, and the hole is also large enough to prevent clogging.

How do you dissolve a hematoma naturally?

These measures usually help to reduce inflammation and diminish its symptoms.

  1. Rest.
  2. Ice (Apply the ice or cold pack for 20 minutes at a time, 4 to 8 times a day.)
  3. Compress (Compression can be achieved by using elastic bandages.)
  4. Elevate (Elevation of the injured area above the level of the heart is recommended.)