Does the Perrin AOS require a tune?

Does the Perrin AOS require a tune?

You do not need a tune for an AOS.

Is AOS necessary for STI?

Not necessary unless you drive your car hard on a daily basis, or track it a lot. This is the only one that actually works.

How much does it cost to install an air oil separator?

Installation cost is $300.

What is an AOS on a car?

What does an Air/Oil Separator do? Just as an air cleaner separates the dirt from the air going in to your engine, an AOS separates the oil from the air going into your engine.

Does an AOS add horsepower?

If you have a direct injection engine, you should have an AOS. When you go bigger on horsepower, you should have a quality AOS. Even if your vehicle is otherwise stock, and AOS can greatly improve performance and economy over time. They work well when installed correctly, it’s the right product for your engine.

Does AOS reduce knock?

As oil vapor makes it back into the engine, engine knock can occur. This secondary combustion (that should not be there) is the “knock” that can destroy an engine. The AOS helps to reduce blowby, creating a cleaner system and delivers oil back into the intake manifold and out of your combustion chamber.

Is catch or AOS better?

The advantage of a catch-can is they are generally less expensive than an AOS, and they are also generally much easier to install. You can actually cause some issues to the function of the PCV system if you try to send two separate outlets from the crankcase to a single inlet of a catch can.

Do catch cans require a tune?

The beauty of a catch can is it’s such a simple modification. No aftermarket tune is needed, and if you have a tune it does not need to be retuned.

How do I know if my oil separator is bad?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Vent Oil Separator

  1. Smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.
  2. Check Engine Light is illuminated.
  3. Excessive oil consumption.
  4. Sludge under your oil cap.

Which is better WRX or STI?

The STI is clearly the better performer, but it can cost over $14,000 more than the WRX. The base WRX is an excellent performance car at a great price. If you need a few more comfort and convenience features, upgrading to Premium or even Limited trim won’t break your wallet.