Who sang Im a dreamer X Factor?

Who sang Im a dreamer X Factor?

Who is Janice Robinson? X Factor 2018 star and Dreamer singer.

How did Janice Robinson do on X Factor?

Janice Robinson is an American singer-songwriter from Garfield, New Jersey who competed in Series 15 of The X Factor as part of the Over 28s category mentored by Ayda Field. She was eliminated in Week 2 of the live shows after receiving the fewest public votes, thus finishing in 14th place.

How old is Janice Robinson?

53 years (8 December 1967)
Janice Robinson/Age

Who sang Livin Joy Dreamer?

Living Joy

How old is living joy?

Released on 4 May 1997 in the United Kingdom, it peaked at No. 12 on the UK charts. Lyrically, the track focuses on the struggles to find true love. This was further fleshed out with the accompanying music video featuring Tameka walking around a nightclub, bumping into various men who catch her attention.

What is Janice Robinson doing now?

In 2018, Robinson returned to the stage on The X Factor UK as a contestant surprising the judging panel with the revelation that she was the voice and songwriter behind the international dance track “Dreamer”. In 2019, Robinson spent the spring and summer touring the UK and abroad.

What is Livin Joy’s real name?

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Livin’ Joy
Past members Paolo Visnadi Gianni Visnadi Tameka Starr (1996–1999) Janice Robinson (1994–1996)

Who wrote the song I’m a dreamer?

Gianni Visnadi

What year did I’m A Dreamer come out?


Where is Janice Robinson from?

Garfield, New Jersey, United States
Janice Robinson/Place of birth

How old is livin joy?

Originally released by Undiscovered Recordings in 1994, Livin’ Joy were fronted by American lead singer Janice Robinson and reached number one on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart with “Dreamer”. The song turned out to be a mild sleeper hit on pop radio, finally entering the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1995.

What’s another word for Dreamer?


  • Don Quixote,
  • fantast,
  • idealist,
  • idealizer,
  • ideologue.
  • (also idealogue),
  • romantic,
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