Who has the best cheeseburger pizza?

Who has the best cheeseburger pizza?

Papa John’s is selling ‘cheeseburger pizza’ with ground beef, mozzarella cheese, and pickles

  • Papa John’s has brought back its cheeseburger pizza after a four-year absence.
  • The pizza will feature a “zesty burger sauce” base, along with ground beef, tomatoes, and pickles.

Who makes cheeseburger pizza?

Papa John’s
Papa John’s brings back its cheeseburger pizza — topped with pickles and special sauce. If you thought 2020 was a lot, meet the cheeseburger Papadia.

What is on the Pizza Hut cheeseburger pizza?

Pizza Hut’s BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza features barbecue sauce, classic meatballs, hardwood-smoked bacon, fresh red onions and diced Roma tomatoes with a barbecue sauce drizzle and toasted cheddar crust. It’s recommended on their hand-tossed crust so that’s the way I went. I paid $12 for a large.

What kind of sauce is on Domino’s cheeseburger pizza?

Domino’s cheeseburger pizza is made with a tasty ketchup-mustard sauce, American cheese, beef, fresh onions, diced tomatoes, shredded provolone and cheddar cheese. Unlike regular tacos or cheeseburgers, Domino’s chicken taco and cheeseburger pizzas are designed to be delivered.

Who has double cheeseburger pizza?

The fans asked, and now Papa John’s is delivering, by bringing back the brand’s cult-favorite Double Cheeseburger Pizza for just $12. But Papa John’s isn’t stopping there. They’re turning the popular Double Cheeseburger Pizza, originally launched in 2015, into a Papadia for $6.

Can you put raw hamburger on pizza?

You put the ground beef on the pizza raw because it will cook in the oven (remember everything else is raw and it will also cook). All you have to do with the beef is make little, tiny pieces and try not to let them touch each other. Ground beef is very good on pizza.

Is the Dominos cheeseburger pizza good?

We tried Domino’s new cheeseburger and chicken taco pizzas, and they were shockingly good. Although we went in very skeptical, we were actually impressed by the new pizzas’ heartiness and flavor balance.

Is the Domino’s cheeseburger pizza any good?

All-in-all, Domino’s Cheeseburger Pizza strikes a nice balance between cheeseburger and pizza that was pretty enjoyable. The combination of the sauce and cheese in particular conveyed a lot of the cheeseburger quality, but a bit more beef wouldn’t hurt.