Do you get a billion dollars for a perfect bracket?

Do you get a billion dollars for a perfect bracket?

Not only will a perfect bracket win $1 billion (or split it if there’s somehow more than one, if any), but the top 20 imperfect brackets will each receive $100,000 for their efforts. If you win the contest, you’ll have to accept either 40 annual payments of $25 million or a $500 million lump sum payout.

How do you enter Warren Buffett billion dollar bracket challenge?

Buffett and Quicken Loans recently announced they have expanded the pool of entries to 15 million brackets to offer more people a shot at their $1 billion. Quicken Loans has also tapped Yahoo Sports as the host site of the contest. You can go to to fill out your bracket.

How do you enter the billion dollar bracket?

Quicken asks for your name, address, birth date and a few other tidbits of info related to whether or not you have a mortgage. Once you provide all that’s asked, you’re taken to the Yahoo Sports interface, where the contest is actually run. Once you confirm your email address, you’re officially entered to win.

Are there any perfect bracket left?

none. As in, not a single perfect men’s NCAA Tournament bracket remains after what has been an incredible opening round of March Madness. The NCAA Tournament saw an absurd nine upsets by double-digit-seeded teams, plus No. 7 Oregon’s advancement into the second round after 10-seed VCU was struck with COVID-19 issues.

Who won the Warren Buffett billion dollar bracket?

A West Virginia steel worker named Dwayne Johnson came tantalizingly close to winning the grand prize, correctly predicting 31 out of the first 32 games. He won the $100,000 prize for having the bracket that stayed intact the longest.

How much do u get if u get a perfect bracket?

Perfect bracket prizes Buffett has put a $1 billion prize on the line before for a perfect bracket, but this year, the prizes are smaller but more attainable. Berkshire Hathaway will award $100,000 to the employee who picks the most games correctly before an incorrect choice.