Do truck drivers have neck problems?

Do truck drivers have neck problems?

As well as limiting range of motion, truck driver neck pain and tight neck muscles can also lead to headaches and migraines. This is no fun… especially when there’s a day full of driving ahead. For this reason, truck drivers must do neck stretches regularly to make sure things are not getting too tight.

Can truck driving cause neck pain?

Driving a truck for hours on end can be a pain in the neck, literally! Truck drivers spend long hours in the same position with lots of road vibration, which can lead to stress or pain on the neck and back. But with these tips, you can reduce pain and stay injury-free.

Is driving bad for neck?

The stress caused by focusing intensely on driving can contribute to neck pain. You can avoid neck pain by adjusting what you do before you start your drive and changing the way you drive. Start with good driving posture. The best angle for the back of your seat is at 100 degrees, which is just shy of straight.

Is truck driving hard on your back?

Truck drivers are at high risk of developing various degenerative disorders due to the stress that repetitive lifting of cargo can put on the spine and the muscles of the lower back. Truckers often learn proper lifting techniques, but may forget them in the rush to make timely deliveries.

Do truck drivers suffer from back pain?

Chronic back pain is often the result of your profession. According to one small study, 59% of truck drivers experience low back pain. So, why do so many truck drivers suffer from chronic pain? Mix long hours in the driver’s seat with a body part designed to be in motion, and you have the perfect recipe for pain.

Why do truckers have bad backs?

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the most common form of back pain for truckers is compression of the joints. This is largely due to the lack of movement mentioned above from so many hours on the open road. This also occurs due to lack of movement and prolonged time in the seated position.

Why do truck drivers have bad backs?

Main Causes of Back Pain Poor posture. Abnormal loading of the spine. Constant vibration. Irritated muscles, nerves, discs and joints.